Overlock Sewing Machine Reviews

An Overlock is a kind of stitch that sews over the borders of a single or a couple of fabrics to create flawless edges for the garments. This kind of stitch is also used for hemming and seaming. There are designated machines that are designed to make an overlock stitch within a very less amount of time. Such machines are called as overlock sewing machines. They are also commonly known as Sergers in the North American states.

One cannot simply construct a full product on such kind of machines. They are only designed to add to the decorative flair on the projects you undertake. Now that you are here searching for the reviews of the best overlock stitch sewing machines, be rest assured of cutting down on your confusion and selecting the best ones that suit your creative abilities.

Space below might have all the answers to the questions you have about the overlock sewing machines or sergers. Right from the average overlock machine price  till the reviews on models of different brands, we have everything covered for our readers so that they have the proper information before jotting down on the best machine available at the market.

Why is an overlock sewing machine required?

Before heading straight into the reviews, here is our attempt to save your valuable time. Do you really need an overlocker sewing machine? This question might have troubled your mighty brain at least once before you made up your mind and turned to the internet for some research. Therefore, before you could learn about the specifications of some of the models, we tried to accumulate several reasons that would confirm the need of serger to suffice your sewing needs.

If at all, you are not clear with your basic construction of garments and lack the skill and finesse to do basic sewing projects, you should give a second thought before buying a serger. However, you can be frustrated that how much ever you try, you don’t get the desired finish to your projects. That is when an overlock machine would come to the rescue.

But even when you owe an machine, you have to master the skill to give your projects the desired finish. After all, it is a machine and requires human intervention to give fruitful results. Also, before buying an sewing machine, double check whether the sewing machine you already own has overlock stitch and foot supplied.

In case, you have a foot and stitch on your regular sewing machine at your disposal, and yet the finishes and the edges of the projects you undertake are not up to the mark, then it’s time you consider buying a Serger or a sewing machine.

How much would an overlock sewing machine cost?

Now that you have enough reasons to purchase an machine, the next question that might have knocked the doors of your brain is how much would a decent machine cost? We have got it answered for you. The amount of money you want to spend on the Serger is directly related to the features you will get to use.

You can get an entry-level model at as cheap as $300. These machines can be a great deal for seamstresses who want to learn and master the art of working on the Sergers. Average level models are available around the $500 mark. However, if you want a full-fledged machine that gives you the liberty to create intricate designs, you have to shell out at least $1500.

Which is the best Serger model available at the market currently?

There is no direct answer to this question. The efficiency of the machine is directly related to the users sewing needs. Every machine has different and distinctive features that need to be accessed before one buys any type of sewing machine. Thus, we picked few of the best machines and gave a detailed review about each of them.

Detailed Reviews of Overlock Sewing Machines (Sergers)

Juki MO644D Portable Serger

This machine is one of the highly rated overlock sewing machines on the Amazon website. The main reasons behind its popularity amongst the seamstresses are high efficiency and versatility. One gets the freedom to swap the presser foot with the foot of your own. Also, choosing between 2/3/4 is an easy task and doesn’t consume a lot of time. One thing that requires a bit of patience and efforts is to thread the machine. One cannot simply thread the machine with his or her bare hands. There is always a need of tweezers to thread the machine. However, with time, the entire process will easily fasten up.

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The machine might seem like an alien for you if you haven’t used a serger before. Anyways, overlock machines were never meant for the beginners. So the entry level seamstress can opt for other cheap models before investing in anything as pricey and intimidating as Juki M0644D.

Specifications: The machine comes with a 2/3/4 thread serger with automatically rolled hem. Stitch length and differential feed can be adjusted with the color coded threading breakaway looper adjustment. Also, it is equipped with a powerful knife with a dedicated drive mechanism that cuts the left over seams. It is capable of sewing through the lightweight and medium weight fabrics with ultimate ease.

The Overall Review: The machine is lightweight and portable to the core. This gives an added advantage to couple up with the performance of the machine for domestic use. It is small and doesn’t acquire a lot of space. It might give you little problems while you try to put in multiple layers of tougher fabric. Overall, it works like a dream, and it is safe to call it as one of the best Sergers available at the market in the present day.


Janome 8002D Serger

If you are looking out for a machine which works fine, gives impressive results, and at the same time doesn’t even burn a big hole in your pocket, then you should turn your head towards the Janome 8002D Serger. It is available in the market at very affordable prices. Don’t be surprised at the price when you get a professional finish from the machine every time you use it. Also, it is portable sewing machine and can be used in the house. It can fulfill all your sewing needs without creating a fuss. The compact design might surprise you after you realize the amount of work done by the machine.

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It can sew at the top speed of 1300 stitches per minute. The speed of the machine can save a lot of time and at the same time can give you impressive results. Janome 8002D doesn’t even damage or pucker the seams. Also, the advanced technology used in the machine prevents it from creating stretched edges. Portability and versatility are the top features that make it a wonderful machine to acquire.

Specifications: Changing the rolled hem is made very easy in the Janome 8200D. The inclusion of adjustable differential feed adds to the efficiency of the machine. It comes along with a threading chart which is very easy to read and understand. However, it isn’t as versatile as the Juki’s above-mentioned model. It has a 3 and 4 convertible thread. Cutting width can be adjusted according to one’s likings from 3.1 mm to 7.3 mm.

The Overall Review: The machine’s ready to use feature is loved by most of the users. It comes threaded in the box, and one can start making a seam minutes after unboxing it. This Serger sewing machine is capable of fulfilling all the requirements of a professional seamstress. That doesn’t write off the beginners as it works effortlessly for them too. Many users claim that it is the easiest of the Sergers they have used till the date. Janome gets the green tick even in this niche and proves why it is one the leading sewing machine companies in the world.


Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger

It has been rated as the best seller products by amazon.com for a reason. The rating itself shows the magnificence of the machine. It is undoubtedly the most loved and favored Serger on the list. Brother stands tall to abide by the brand name to produce yet another consistent product. The machine is nothing short of being termed as an ultimate workhorse. It can sew the thinnest and the most stretchable of fabrics without creating a fuss. Professional results are guaranteed with its every use.

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Brother packs this machine with all the essential features seamstress looks forward to while working on the seams. Most of the Sergers are difficult to thread. However, the company stresses on providing a machine which is extremely easy to thread. The color codes and numbered lower and upper looper makes it easy for the user to follow the threading instructions. The end results from this machine are astonishing. Even though the machine strives to give prolific results, the stitch quality is given the top priority. One gets very strong quality stitches along with professional looks once you start working on this machine.

Specifications: The machine gives a wide range of options to the user. It can deal with almost all kind of fabrics effectively including linen, knits, and formal wear. One can effectively choose from 22 built-in stitches the machine has to offer. Differential fabric feed allows the machine to sew through the thinnest of the fabrics. It comes with 2 snap-on feet, foot controller, and other minute sewing accessories like needles. There are special stitch functions included formal, bridal wear, home décor, and crafts.

The Overall Review: Whether you are a skilled seamstress or a novice, you are going to fall in love with the versatility of the machine. It gives you the freedom to make creative imaginations to turn into reality. With decent motor speed and the ease of use, it becomes one of the best serger machines on the list. When compared to other machines, it dispenses out results faster. Also, one doesn’t have to worry about the finishing that it produces. We would denote this machine with one word. That is, Flawless.


P.S. Please oil the machine as soon as you unbox it and prepare it for the first use. It is clearly stated in the instruction manual on page 57.

Singer 14J250 Stylist II Serger Overlock sewing Machine

If you need a lot of options to add to the creative flair which can be used effortlessly while undertaking a hemming, seaming, or an overlock project, this product from Singer can answer all your needs of a Serger. It suffices the needs of the professional as well intermediate seamstresses alike. With 6 built-in stitches and variable stitch length, you can make your every project look unique. One can easily attain a thoroughly professional look with this Serger. Along with such good features, it is very easy to use with color codes and guided threading ways. The automatic needle threader cuts down a headache to almost nil.

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The machine can clock up to 1300 stitches in a minute. The variable stitch length can be adjusted between 1mm to 5mm. Feed dogs can be changed depending upon your requirement of whether to gather or shrink the fabric. Just like it has plenty of good features, it comes with its own set of flaws which we will discuss in our overall review for the product. The presser foot is set on a commendable height which overlooks the absence of presser foot adjustment. The accessories that come along with the machine come in handy while pulling the threads from the most mechanical parts.

Specifications: It comes with 2-3-4 stitch capability which automatically adds to the versatility of the machine. It adds to the creative element of any given project. Threading is done on wide open spaces which make it very easy to thread the machine. The inclusion of differential feed helps the fabric from puckering and stretching. Also, it can sew easily on almost all kind of fabrics. It is powered by a 110 v motor which can speed up to 1300 stitches per minute. Fast and precise results are guaranteed once you use this machine to perfection.

The Overall Review: The Serger has some flaws which can be overlooked owing to other features that are packed in the machine at a staggeringly low price. It is unable to make a cover stitch which evidently gives some negative remarks to the machine. Also, the presser foot cannot be adjusted which adds to the downfall. The fabric waste catcher is missing which accumulates a few more negative points. However, the ease of use and the superior machine performance is unmatched. The quality of the stitch cannot be bargained at any cost. One can always rely on the company Singer to deliver top notch products. Overall, it is a handy machine and makes a decent choice for the seamstresses.


Juki Pear Line MO- 654DE 2/3/4 Thread Serger

Juki is simply the best when it comes to heavy duty sewing machines. They offer a lot of options in Overlock stitch sewing machines, and this model is one of the many. The best part about a Juki serger is it’s easy to understand instruction manual. When it comes to designs, Sergers can be pretty difficult to understand for the entry level seamstresses. However, Juki sets it up nicely so that it boasts the ease of use.

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The metal body helps the machine to attain the desired sturdiness. Also, the box in which the machine is packed comes with all the accessories which one would require to start the sewing process on the Serger. The performance of the machine is over par and the stitch quality is decent. Just like the sister model which we mentioned above, it turns out to be a good overall package at a negligible price.

The Specifications: The machine, unlike its sister model, comprises of snap-on presser feet. Loopers can be disengaged which allows the users to thread the machine quickly. It comes in 2/3/4 thread option and a micro safety switch. The built-in sewing gauge helps the users to achieve accurate seams. The bonus pack includes 8 thread cones, 50 needles, electronic workbook, and an instructional DVD. It can sew at the rate of 1500 stitches per minute which is faster than most of the Sergers available on the list.

The Overall Review: Right from the construction of this machine till the performance, everything just oozes out one word, high-quality. Threading can be a test to some seamstresses. However, with patience and time, one can learn the dynamics and get well-versed with both the ways of threading the machine. Once the threading is done, there is very little left to do as one can proceed with the sewing process. The stitch quality seems to be overwhelming, and at no point, they seem like they will come apart. It has the ability to deal with most of the fabric further adding to the efficiency of the machine.


Perks of Owning an Serger Sewing Machine or Serger

The main advantage of acquiring a full-fledged top model Serger is the high-end finish. High-end Sergers have are capable of doing a cover stitch which allows the users to do intricate sewing on cuffs and seams. This allows the cuffs to be stretchable and comfortable to the user at the same time. If you don’t have a Serger and yet want to create the effect, then you can use the double needle. However, one wouldn’t get the finish and poise a Serger would give to the project.

Sergers cannot do the regular sewing tasks like buttonhole, embroidery, top stitching, facings, etc. Therefore, one needs to have a regular sewing machine so that Sergers could come into play only to apply the finishing touches to make the project look professional. These machines are nothing but an addition to your sewing kit. Most of the Sergers would fail to do what a regular sewing machine can do. But if at all, you want to make your project look professional, Sergers would come in handy. We repeat ourselves again, Overlock Machines are unable to sew like regular sewing machines and can only be used as a supplement.

We’d give you a clear picture of how a Serger stitch looks like. Have you ever noticed the double stitch that goes around the shoulder area which adds to the look of the shirt? That is created using an serger sewing machine. Therefore, if one needs such professional finishes to his or her projects, he has to use a decent Serger.

Juki is said to have one of the best models when it comes to overlock sewing machine. However, if you need a flawless machine for some serious professional work, close your eyes and settle on the Brother model mentioned above. It may cost you a bit extra, but it will serve you up with utmost perfection.

With this, we conclude our blog for the best overlock sewing machines and their reviews. We hope that our reviews have helped you to reduce the confusion and settle for the best model according to your needs. Also, if at all, you feel that any of the above-mentioned models shouldn’t make the cut, you can put your reviews along with the alternate model, and we will be glad to have a read and update our blog.

Just like a top Serger would finish the cuffs with perfection, we’d like to conclude this blog that dealt with Overlock sewing machine reviews and everything related to them.