Brother has strived hard to produce sewing machines that are user-friendly, productive, and versatile. For years, the company has served as one of the trusted brands in the world when it comes to producing top quality products. Although there is a loud buzz in the market about its computerized sewing machines and domestic sewing machines, heavy duty sewing machines have silently made its place on the people’s sewing table and in the people’s hearts. Therefore, today we use this space to discuss some of the best Brother heavy duty sewing machines on the market today.

The First Introduction of Brother Heavy Duty Sewing Machines

It took a while for Brother to come up with heavy duty sewing machines for the budget seamstresses. The reputed brand stepped into the category with the introduction of Brother ST371HD in the month of November in 2016. However, it did not take much time for the sewing machine to settle on the market. Ever since its release, it has been sold rapidly on all the platforms including online portals. It has surely helped to the cause of all Brother-enthusiasts who waited eagerly for a heavy duty sewing machine to be announced by the company.

Why One Should Consider Buying Heavy Duty Sewing Machines from Brother

Ever since then, there have been quite a few releases in the category which have performed equally well on the market. We will talk about these machines in detail in the space below. These machines are robust, sturdy, and at the same time provide enough versatility to amuse the seamstresses of all creative and skill levels. And as always, one can completely rely on the dependability of the company. Brother’s company standards haven’t dropped a bit even after the mass production of so many varied models under numerous such categories.

Product Product Name User Ratings Check on Amazon
Brother ST371HD Strong & Robust Sewing Machine 4.0 CHECK ON AMAZON
Brother ST531HD Durable & Sturdy Sewing Machine 5.0 CHECK ON AMAZON
Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway Limited Edition Sewing Machine 4.5 CHECK ON AMAZON
Brother 1134 Deciwat Serger Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 4.5 CHECK ON AMAZON
Brother PQ1500SL High-Speed Quilting & Sewing Machine 4.4 CHECK ON AMAZON

Preeminent Features of Brother’s Heavy Duty Sewing Machines

  • Powerful Motor
  • Strong and Sturdy Construction Quality
  • Steady Stitches
  • Works on the Most Stubborn Fabrics
  • Smooth Sewing on Leather, Denim, and Other Such Fabrics
  • Extensive Built-in Features
  • Familiar with Upholstery Assignments
  • Professional Quality Stitches
  • Made to Last

Brother Heavy Duty Sewing Machines Review

In the space below, we will talk about anything and everything you need to know about a specific heavy duty model from Brother. Right from their drawbacks to their perks, we will take a dig at everything you need to know before you purchase a sewing machine.

5 Robust Brother Heavy Duty Sewing Machines Known to the Sewing World

Brother ST371HD Strong & Robust Sewing Machine

It is one of the heavy duty sewing machines that will work on any fabric without throwing any tantrums. Brother ST371HD has the ability to perform a wide array of tasks regardless of the fabric type and sewing style. The strong metal frame and heavy structure allow the users to perform excellent quality stitches without any turbulence or vibration while sewing. It is not only a perfect heavy duty sewing machine to undertake all your domestic projects, but can be apt for professional assignments as well.

Brother ST371HD Strong & Robust Sewing Machine




Brother has stressed hard on innovation, and evidently, they had to, because they introduced a sewing machine after a very long time. It is safe to say that Brother was the last reputed brand to have released the heavy duty sewing machines under their banner. It can sew at an exceedingly fast pace without skipping a stitch or two. Throw any stubborn fabric at it, and we are sure that it will stitch through it without causing any hiatus.

Specifications & Features: Versatile as it can get, it is a sturdy and steady sewing machine from the reputed brand, Brother. The machine comprises of 37 distinctive built-in stitches and a single one-step auto-size buttonhole. Apart from the basic inclusions, it boasts a bag full of extra added features that include a metal plate for smooth feeding of the fabric. It also consists of 6 sewing feet that include blind hem, decorative, stretch, and zigzag stitches. Carving a buttonhole can never go wrong on this machine.

The automatic features like the needle threader and the top-load bobbin just add to the efficiency of the machine. It can sew at the top speed of 800 stitches per minute without any turbulence. This fast machine also comes with a spring action zigzag foot for the denser ridges and non-stick foot for suede and other related fabrics.

Our Expert Opinions: The outstanding sewing speed along with the distinctive yet varied features adds to the efficiency of the machine. Not many heavy duty sewing machines boast so many features and built-in quality. Also, it can sew on stubborn as well as lighter fabrics. This is an added plus considering the features flaunted by its counterparts. The best part of the machine is its simple user interface. From a professional seamstress to an entry-level seamstress, all can get the knack of the machine within few minutes of its use.

The only demerit we found out was its inability to adjust the stitch length. Although it boasts 37 built-in stitches and a wide range of sewing foot, one cannot adjust the size of his or her stitches. Therefore, it restricts one’s creativity over his projects.

Brother ST531HD Durable & Sturdy Sewing Machine

One can call it the bigger cousin of the previous model we discussed on the blog. However, just like the increasing numbers in the model’s name, it is stronger, sturdier, and advanced than the ST371HD. The machine is built to last and can sew as many as 6 layers of denim at one go with extreme suaveness. It boasts immaculate strength along with excellent basic features. Not only it can deal with stubborn fabrics like denim and leather, but also can be useful while sewing fabrics like silk and cotton.

Brother ST531HD Durable & Sturdy Sewing Machine




The strong metal body frame is sure of adding to the overall strength of the machine. With its easy user interface and ability to undertake a wide range of sewing projects, Brother ST531HD can suffice that needs of a skilled as well as an entry-level seamstress. This machine is perfect for the domestic use, and wouldn’t disappoint you at any given point in time. One can rely on its consistency and use it for running a smalltime business from home.

Specifications & Features: Just like its sister model, the machine boasts as many as 6 sewing feet that include spring action sewing foot, buttonhole foot, zipper foot, Non-stick foot, blind stitch foot, etc. It also inherits a metal finger guard to protect your fingers from running into the machine. Therefore, the machine becomes a definite choice for seamstresses of all skill levels. The needle plate is made of metal so that one finds it easier for the fabric to ease past most stubborn fabrics. It also comes with needles that are required to carry out the basic heavy duty assignments.

The machine can sew at the top speed of 800 stitches per minute and the stitch count is said to be around 53. There are as many as 53 built-in stitches inherited in the machine that include decorative, zigzag, and blind hem stitches. It has a single one-step buttonhole proficient of giving you excellent results. Weighed at 18.3 pounds, it is one of those rare heavy duty sewing machines that can be carried out from one place to another. In other words, it is one of the most portable heavy duty sewing machines known to the sewing world.

Our Expert Opinion: The more advanced model just boasts a wider range of built-in stitches and inbuilt features. Apart from that, there are not many notable differences that we could figure out in the machine. It is safe to say that this machine will prove worth to your every penny spend on it. Although the exterior of the machine is made of toughened plastic, it is the metal frame interior that gives the desired sturdiness to the machine.

It is very easy to use, and each of the stitches inherited have a professional finish. The consistency of the machine can be relied on. Also, it is made to last and will be there for you for years to come without much maintenance. Therefore, we can deem it as a one-time investment. Also, its lightweight and portability are much loved by the users. It can be carried around to the classes with extreme ease. Even though it boasts a strong motor, it is quiet and doesn’t disturb the user while he creates masterpieces on the machine.

Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway Limited Edition Sewing Machine

This is surely not a heavy duty sewing machine to be very fair, but its competency to undertake heavy-duty assignments is what makes us mention the machine on the list. This is an out and out computerized sewing machine that is packed with exciting features. This limited edition model is one of the best machines to bolster your creativity. Not only it can sew, but it can quilt and embroider at the same time. It is very easy to set up the machine, and even easier to get hold of the dynamics of the machine. Therefore, it is best-suited for the seamstresses of all skill levels.

Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway Limited Edition Sewing Machine




It is easy to browse through the innumerable features because of the large backlit LED screen. Therefore, stitch selection and other such processes become an easy cakewalk. The inclusion of quilting table makes it easy for the seamstresses to undertake large quilting projects. The versatile sewing machine is capable of undertaking a wide variety of projects and can deal with an extensive assortment of fabrics.

Specifications & Features: The machine flaunts a wider range of built-in stitches. To be précised, it consists of a ton full of built-in stitches along with 8 one-step buttonhole styles. Threading the needle is a cakewalk as one doesn’t have to bang his head on the process. It is purely automatic, and the machine does it for itself. Bobbin winding is an easy task too. The automatic thread cutter gives you a more professional look at your projects.

The machine consists of 7 presser feet. However, one can get upset because of the unavailability of the quilting foot. It is said to sew at the speed of 850 stitches per minute. It can be termed as a featherweight machine at just about 8 pounds. Therefore, it is easy for the entry-level seamstresses to carry it to the sewing classes. It is one of the highest rated sewing machines on the market due to its efficiency and overall performance on a wide variety of projects. It also boasts as many as 55 lettering fonts for one to have a creative edge over their monogramming projects.

Our Expert Opinion: The computerized sewing machine is easily one of the most versatile sewing machines on the list. It could suffice the needs of the everyday seamstress. It can give you a par excellent result while undertaking domestic projects. Also, it can handle large and intricate quilting projects with utmost ease. Although it is not categorized as a heavy duty sewing machine, it can exceed, or if not, it can match the performance desired by a robust machine.

The automatic features simply add to the efficiency of the machine. You can even adjust the needle positions according to your preferences. That shows the attention to detail that Brother has put into the machine. It is lightweight and easily portable. However, there are noted drawbacks of the machine. It might not sew effectively on heavy fabrics like leather and jeans. Also, it is not as sturdy as one would desire it to be.

Brother 1134 Deciwat Serger Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

This is the only serger we could think about when it required for performing heavy-duty tasks. Brother 1134 Deciwat comprise a ¾ lay-in thread with looper threader. It boasts enough built-in stitches and features that a seamstress expects from a Serger. It comes with a unique technology called F.A.S.T that ensures easy thread changes. Stretch or thin fabrics can be easily worked upon with the help of the differential feed. It ensures you a professional looking result every time you sew on it.

Brother 1134 Deciwat Serger Heavy Duty Sewing Machine




A wide fleet of presser feet allows you to quickly change from one stitch to another. The user manual which is written down on a compact drive is easy to understand and easier to follow. One can go through the CD to get the complete knack of the machine. Also, there is a bonus piping foot included for you to get done with your ridges easily.

Specifications & Features: The serger machine consists of a free arm so that the seamstress can work on larger projects with utmost ease. You can either opt for 3 or 4 thread option according to your preferences. The lay-in threading is simple to follow. Also, the company is generous by providing starter thread spools along with the machine. The machine is said to deliver perfect serger stitches on all types of fabrics. Regardless of the stubbornness of the fabric, it will perform quite eloquently without creating any fuss.

Stitch length and width can be adjusted with two distinctive dedicated features. One has to use the lever to adjust the width while a dedicated dial is given to change the length of the stitch. It comes with a built-in carrying handle so that it gets easy for the learners to carry the machine to the classes. The speed is managed electronically. Apart from all the essential features, it comes with a lot of accessories that smoothens the sewing processes.

Our Expert Opinions: Threading the machine is the easiest you will find in any Sergers on the market. Thread adjustments are simple and one can carry out all the domestic projects without any hiatus. The only drawback we found was the inability to feature 2 needles. It is safe to call it one of the most user-friendly sergers known to the sewing world. The excellent functions make it an apt choice for the seamstresses of all skill levels. Also, it is downright portable, which is not the case with most of its counterparts.

Brother PQ1500SL High-Speed Quilting & Sewing Machine

It is not a heavy duty sewing machine to be precise but is only on the list because of its heavy duty sewing ability. It is safe to call it as one of the best quilting machines on the market today. The sewing speed will surprise you to the fullest and it boasts an extensive range of features and built-in options. For the serious heavy quilters, it might be a perfect choice considering its ease of use and efficiency. Also, for the price at which it is offered, it can be termed as affordable.

Brother PQ1500SL High-Speed Quilting & Sewing Machine




The best part of the machine is it not only lets you quilt but can sew effectively on an extensive range of fabrics. It can undertake all type of sewing assignments with utmost ease. However, it wouldn’t boast a variety of built-in stitches. Therefore, it is a no-nonsense machine capable of performing particular tasks excellently.

Specifications & Features: There are a lot of automatic features that add to the overall value of the machine. One get rid of the extra threads just by pressing a button. The automatic trimmers would do the cutting job for you with the help of a click. The needle comes back to the exact position after every sewing process. The inclusion of knee lever for presser foot lift adds to the efficiency of the machine.

It is believed that the machine can sew at the top speed of 1500 stitches per minute. The presence of automatic needle threader surely cuts down on the efforts of the user. It also boasts an extension table for the users to ease past their quilting projects. Large quilting projects can be done without any fuss. However, it lacks the number of built-in stitches other counterparts have to offer. It only has the option of a single straight stitch which can refrain many users from the machine.

Our Expert Opinions: The best part of the machine has to be its ease of use. Also, its exceedingly fast sewing speeds can amuse the professional level seamstresses. The machine is very easy to maintain and can offer you the best consistency without creating any turbulence. The extended table gives a larger workspace for the users to undertake big quilting projects.

Although the motor is strong and fast, it would not irritate you with the loud noise. It is surprisingly quiet and would not disturb the user at given point in time. Although there is a lack of built-in stitches, there are plenty of sewing feet and accessories which make up for the drawbacks. The sewing speed can be controlled because of the built-in sensors. There are complaints about the automatic thread trimmer cutting more thread than it normally should.

Now that we have discussed almost all the Brother heavy duty sewing machines, we hope that you have found the answers to the confusions you had at the start. Also, we hope that we have helped you enough with our reviews to find you the most suitable sewing machine for you.

In case, you think that we have missed out on any sewing machine that deserves to be on the list, you can write to us in the comments section below. We would be happy to help you and review the recommended machines from our readers.

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