Brother sewing machines are some of the highly rated sewing machine companies in the world. Having had its headquarters in Nagoya, Japan, the company was established in 1908. It is responsible for producing sewing machines under the name of OEM garments and few other names. It is undoubtedly one of the fastest selling sewing machine brands in the world. It has strived hard to offer reliability, durability, and efficient sewing machines in almost all sewing categories. Also, it has stressed hard to produce machines that are user-friendly and convenient for home as well as professional use.

The growing popularity of Brother in the sewing world gets us to review some of the best machines produced under their banner. In this review, we would emphasize on machines that are best for domestic use as well as professional use. Also, it would be our genuine attempt to highlight the perks, the downfalls, and advantages of using a particular sewing machine from a particular category.

Brother sewing machine

The Best Brother Sewing Machines in the Market

This space is entirely dedicated some of the best products launched by Brother in the recent years. You can go through the list, find a machine that suits your needs, and click on the designated link to know their best price on the largest online selling portal, Amazon.

Brother SE400 Combination Sewing & Embroidery Sewing Machine

The fact that it is placed right at the top of our sewing machine reviews is because of the bestseller tag it has achieved on the Amazon. A machine that is as versatile as this one, reliable to the core, and can stand the test of time, surely has to be on the top of the priority list. From an amateur seamstress to a skilled one, it has the capability to suffice the requirements of the seamstresses of all types.




Another best feature that makes this machine a wonderful buy is its ability to connect to a computer with the help of a USB. Therefore, one can download n number of stitches and designs using the internet. This helps the users to get a creative edge and superior finishes to their undertaken projects.

It comes with a 4*4 inch sewing table that allows you to accomplish intricate embroidery projects with utmost ease. The larger workspace makes it a decent machine for the basic embroidery assignments adding to the versatility of the product.

Apart from all these wonderful features and top-notch performances, the machine boasts a strong and rugged body. It is safe to call it a complete workhorse which will race with a full throttle for a very long time.

Specifications: Brother SE400 is packed with 67 built-in stitches, 70 built-in embroidery designs, and 5 lettering fonts for basic monogramming. Along with these, you can also download a wide fleet of options using the internet. The thread cutter works like a dream with a single touch cutting the top and the bobbin thread with ultimate ease. One can always rely on Brother as it offers 25-years warranty on all of its products.

Our Expert Opinion: If you need a efficient, versatile, and portable sewing machine at the same time, you can invest in the Brother SE400 without giving it a second thought. It is a great machine to cash on when it’s judged on the basis of its performance. Setting up the machine is very simple, and so is its user interface. Don’t be surprised to see a machine as compact as this one provide you with mind wobbling results.


Brother LB6800 Project Runway Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine

Just like the one mentioned above, Brother LB6800 is a powerful machine with the ability to produce effective results. It can help you with your basic sewing assignments along with embroidery and quilting projects. There is a wide fleet of options available at your disposal. One can choose from numerous built-in and embroidery stitches to have a well-finished product.




The machine is fully computerized which allows you to download stitches using the internet. However, it is a notable mention that it is not compatible with Mac computers. Therefore, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry. The one-touch auto thread trimmer allows the user to have a very smooth functionality while undertaking sewing and embroidery projects.

The bag that comes along with the machine is also very attractive. It is a portable sewing machine which can be easily carried out to the classes. 7 unique sewing feet are included in the box for efficient and flawless working.

Specifications: The machine offers a wide range of options to its user. Along with 67 built-in stitches, it comprises of comprehensive sewing functions, embroidery features, and editing options. It also has 70 built-in designs, 120 frame combinations, and 5 lettering fonts to give a huge boost to your creativity. It has one of the easiest threading systems in a sewing machine. One touch thread cutter helps the users to complete their projects in a brisk. The instruction manual is written in several languages, which makes it easy for the users of all backgrounds and communities.

Our Expert Opinions: With all the features inclined in favor of embroidery projects, this machine can be termed as one of the best embroidery machines in the market today. It serves as a great machine for the seamstresses who are at their learning curve as well. It can easily undertake all the projects including hemming, quilting, and monogramming without creating a mess. Simple yet efficient, is how we’d like to define this machine as.


Brother PQ1500SHigh-Speeded Quilting and Sewing Machine

This is one of the fastest sewing machines in the lot having an average of 1500 stitches per minute. Along with the speed, it also produces some exciting results in terms of its quality and stitch strength. It can sew through the toughest of fabrics with utmost ease. Also, it has the capability to deal with a wide diaspora of fabrics, including leather and denim.




Although the top speed of the machine is said to be around 1500 stitches per minute, the user can maneuver the speed with the help of the foot pedal. There is no rocket science to efficiently use the foot-pedal which functions very smoothly. It has a unique 4 feed dog setting for betting feeding of the fabric. It comes with an extension table which allows the seamstresses to undertake large quilting projects. The fast needle threader and other automatic features save a lot of time of the user.

Even though it can be termed as a heavy duty sewing machine, it makes very less noise compared to its counterparts. Therefore, it makes it a very appropriate machine for the domestic or the home use. It doesn’t overheat nor does it make a loud noise even after producing lightning fast results.

Quilting, one of the toughest procedures in sewing world, can be smoothly carried out using this machine. Its versatility is overshadowed by the quilting features that make it an out and out quilting sewing machine.

Specifications: The machine comes in two variables, one is without LCD light, and one with it. Push button auto thread trimmers, automatic needle positioner, and knee lever for presser foot lift allows you to save a lot of time. The 12*18 inch sewing table that comes along with the machine is best suited to undertake quilting projects. The mechanical machine doesn’t boast plenty of fancy stitches but can overcome basic sewing hurdles with utmost ease. It just has a single built-in stitch that sews in a straight line.

Our Expert Opinion: It is a great option to consider if one requires a machine that is efficient in undertaking quilting projects. However, one has to snub the machine if he or she demands a wide fleet of stich and embroidery options. It is capable of accomplishing quilting projects with an exquisite finish. The stitch quality ends on the positive side of our reviews. It is speedy, delivers high-end performances, and yet doesn’t have the tendency to skip a stitch or two even after lightning fast performance.


Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine

If you go through our remaining blogs at, you would find this machine in most of the lists. It is one of the best machines for the domestic as well as professional use. It is very easy to use and comes with an instruction manual which is very easy to understand. It is packed with a lot of accessories that are required to suffice the sewing requirements of all the seamstresses.




One doesn’t have to buy additional accessories or parts to add to the efficiency of the machine. It is at its efficient best right from the time it is taken out of the box. If one desires to own a fully-fledged computerized sewing machine which doesn’t create a hiatus at any point of time, one can consider the Brother CS6000i to suffice all their requirements.

At the price at which it is offered, it would take a lot of efforts and high-end features to overcome the overall usability of the machine. Even with such lower prices, it offers fantastic features that help the users to complete all embroidery, basic sewing, and quilting projects.

The LCD backlight display and other minute detailing that goes into making this high-end machine adds to the overall efficiency of the machine. 25-years warranty is a sign of what the machine is made of.

Specifications: The machine is fitted with a LCD display which allows you to review the stitch length, stitch width, and stitch type. Also, it comes with a one start/stop button which allows you to use the machine without the inclusion of the foot control. Speed can be varied according to your requirements. Therefore, it suits the users of all types including beginners. Other factors include the jam resistant quick set top drop-in bobbin which gives you an easy exposure to the bobbin thread. There are several feet included with the machine which makes it a great equipment to trust on when it comes to offering versatility.

Our Expert Opinion:  If you are confused about the type of machine you want, this machine could be the best choice for you. It is fully computerized, packed in with a lot of features and accessories, works like a dream, and reliable to the core. Apart from being all that, it is portable and yet tends to offer a distinctive sturdiness while sewing. This is a highly rated machine and is tagged as Amazon’s choice on the online portal. The tag itself talks a lot about the Brother CS6000i. Very few machine from the rival companies can come this close to producing a high-end, effective, and durable computerized sewing machine.


Brother HC 1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

Simple, elegant, yet powerful, is how we can describe Brother’s HC1850. It happens be the most user-friendly, reliable, durable, and long-lasting sewing machine on the list. Also, it offers a great variety when it comes to the features and basic built-in stitches. It can undertake sewing projects of almost all kind, viz. quilting, embroidery, hemming, heirloom, etc.




It is inherited with several important features that make sewing processes comparatively easier. There are decorative stitches included in the machine which makes it an appropriate equipment to undertake basic as well as advanced quilting projects. Embroidery can be easily carried on it with the help of the extra workspace. The powerful motor results in the machine piercing through the toughest of fabrics with ultimate ease.

The detachable wide table makes it easier for the users to undertake quilting projects. One can keep the table aside when not in use. There are a lot of feet that come along with the machine. These feet include overcasting feet, zigzag feet, buttonhole feet, blind stitch, etc. This allows the users to feed the fabric smoothly under the needle.

The simplicity makes it the best sewing machine for beginners who want to get their hands on all aspects of sewing. Setting it up is very easy, and one needs to just go through the instruction manual once to get a decent command over the sewing machine.

Specifications: The machine includes an accumulative set of as many as 130 stitches including a basic monogramming font. There are 8 distinctive types of one-step buttonholes which would later add to your creativity. The stitches include decorative, heirloom, quilting, and buttonhole stitches. Brother really makes the threading process very easy in all of their sewing machines. A spring action quilting foot is inherited to give you that extra bit while undertaking quilting projects. The instruction manual is formatted in a DVD which is very easy to follow.

Our Expert Opinion: This is the best sewing machine that a beginner can have at his or her disposal. It will let him or her fall in love with sewing all over again. The machine give you the freedom to choose a foot pedal over the controls given on the machine. Also, speed can be varied which makes it best for the seamstresses at all levels. It is downright portable and one can easily carry it around to their sewing classes or workplace. The reverse stitching system is adored by many of its users. People and the experts love the machine for the versatility it has to offer. However, try to maintain a safe distance when it comes to undertaking large quilting assignments.


Brother XR9500 Project Runway Limited Edition Sewing Machine

This is our last but surely not the least Brother sewing machine on the list. Thoughtfully, we claim it is the stand out of all the machines mentioned on our reviewing list. All this comments are a result of the overall rigidity of the structure and the simplicity of the use. All and all, it is a great sewing machine packed with fantastic features. The minimal price on such a high-end machine makes it a device that shouldn’t be missed on.




The inbuilt features are ones to look forward to. With stitch functions ranging up to 140 and buttonholes taking a count up to 8, it is reflective on the high end features that are offered by this machine. It has more than 100 specialty stitches out of the 140 and have multiple stitch functions too. There are features inherited for the user to inherit basic monogramming assignments. All these features strive to give you a professional look every time you sew using this machine.

The machine allows it users to select from the computerized stitch selections. Also, the backlight is rightly placed to give you a brighter workspace. The table that comes along with the machine is big enough to undertake enormous quilting projects.

It is one of the best machines in the market if one is looking forwards to buy a machine which is a completely workhorse. It is highly recommended for the people who end up having plenty of projects to complete in a day. The beginners won’t feel behind once they get their hands on the machine. It is equally helpful for the professionals as well as the intermediate seamstresses.

Specifications: The machine comes with 100 built-in utility stitches, each of them are embedded with multiple stitch functions. It also has zigzag and super wide 7mm stitches which are unique to have on the regular sewing machine. Along with such great features, the company doesn’t turn a deaf ear to the people interested in monogramming. However, there are very few who take interest in the category so the machine has single monograming font. Extra accessories that come in the machine are placed in the arm of the sewing machine.

Our Expert Opinion: The drop in system’s ease of use is much loved by the users. The presence of automatic needle threader fastens your sewing processes in the end saving a lot of time. The table might seem for the professional quilters, but it is quite manageable to accomplish basic assignments using it. The speed control button comes as a boon to the beginners. They can sew on the speed they like without hurrying and making mistakes in their projects. Also, it comes with so many added accessories that one can start making wonderful projects as soon as you take it out from the box.


What makes Brother one of the best sewing machine brands in the world?

It is no brainer that to be the best, one has to compete with the best, and Brother has been doing that for more than 100 years now. Innovation is the key to success when it comes to marketing any sort of machines, and the company has left no stone unturned.

Also, Brother have paid a close attention to detail to help the users to get an easy user interface. This adds to the likability of any sewing machine. Simple machines are more preferred than the ones with several but complicated features.

The company emphasizes on giving magnificent and efficient features at a very low cost. Also, they produce a large variety of sewing machines across all genres which gives them the vigor and flair to compete at the very top level.

Now that we have come in good terms with few of the best sewing machines from the supergiant, Brother, we would like to put a stop on adding further information regarding the same. We hope that all the confusion has come down to zero and you have already figured about which machine to buy after reading our reviews.

If at all anyone of you feels that some other Brother models should make the list, you can leave us a comment below and we’d be happy to review the machine for you. Most of the Brother models are available at the online market, amazon, at the best prices possible. So if you wish to invest your trust and money, feel safe, because Brother sewing machines won’t disappoint you even a bit.