The Best Embroidery Machines Reviewed

The art of decorating fabric or any given material by weaving is called as embroidery. Although, the artwork done by hands is more preferred and valued at the market, making designs with machines have come a long way to compete with the intricate hand work. Making embroidery designs have eased out in the recent days due to the use of machines to sew the difficult of fabrics. It not only allows you to shred down on the human errors but also helps you complete the project at lightning fast speed.

Not all machines give you the liability to undertake embroidery projects. While some multi-functional machines do provide this feature, it is completely absent in the regular domestic sewing machines. Also, the multi-functional machines can burn a big hole in your pocket. Therefore, one needs to be extremely particular if you want to indulge in embroidery projects. There are many machines in the market which are sold under the label of embroidery sewing machines. We decided to review the best of them for our readers.

Embroidery machines and its types

Before reviewing the best machines available in the global market, we thought of giving a little extra information about the sewing machines and the variables that are on sale. There are possibly 3 kinds of embroidery sewing machines that can differ from each other in terms of their speed, built-in stitches, and other value-added features. The different type of machines available in the market are:-

  • The ones with several yet limited built-n options
  • The ones which allow you to customize your design and can access the internet
  • The ones with a USB port for easy transfer of stitch patterns

So the main question lies is which machine would be most suitable for you? There is no better person to answer this question in a right manner than yourself. Because it is completely dependent upon the amount of work and the difficulty of work one needs to carry out on the machine.

If you just need to learn the basics of the embroidery work, or need the machine for simple embroidery projects, the basic ones on the list can do the trick for you. However, if you want to build upon your sewing game, and need to take it a level higher, a machine with access to the internet will be a perfect fit.

There are fully automated machines available in the market which can help you with sewing, quilting, and embroidery all at once. But these machines can cost 50 percent more than the regular basic machines. So we recommend these machines to you only if you are a professional seamstress and want to create top-notch intricate designs.

Our Expert’s Take on The Best Embroidery Machines

Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Computerised Sewing Machine

The machine is specially designed keeping in mind about the requirements of the seamstress while undertaking embroidery projects. It is fully loaded with 13 one-step automatic buttonholes which are customizable according to the one’s design in their minds. So one doesn’t have to comprise on the ideas that pop up while sewing. It gives you the complete freedom to create heartfelt designs without creating too much fuss. To add to the built-in stitches are its 5 different fonts. These fonts help you to add some embroidery designs after you add the buttons to your project.

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Specifications: The machine is equipped with 600 built-in stitches and 13 automatic customizable buttonholes. The inclusion of automatic thread cutter and automatic needle threader reduce the stress level on the seamstress. Also, it allows its users to adjust the needle according to your sewing requirements just with the click of a button. Top drop-in bobbin allows the users to easily set up the machine for their use.

The Expert’s Opinion: If you are looking out for a machine that gives you plenty of options and allows you to create customized projects, this machine is apt for you. Also, it is extremely easy to use for the novice and can take on any projects. The very fresh seamstress might not use so many options in the first few years. Therefore, such sewers can stay away from the machine and opt for cheaper options.


Brother XR9500PRW Limited Edition Project Runaway Sewing Machine

Somehow or the other, this machine tends to pop up under almost all variables of sewing machines. Such is the brilliance of the machine that it can undertake all kind of sewing projects and complete them with finesse. Whether you a novice or a skilled seamstress, you are certainly going to love the functionality of the machine. It is very easy to set up and can undertake all kinds of sewing projects like quilting, overcasting, monogramming, blind stitch, and embroidery.

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Specifications: The machine is packed with 100 built-in stitches that include utility, heirloom, and decorative stitches. Along with a century full of stitches is the built-in sewing font which can be used for basic monogramming. It also offers larger workspace for users which is best suited for quilting projects. There are 8 fully automated one-step buttonholes included which add to the glory of the machine.

The Expert’s Opinion: The production of any other model by the company cannot beat the efficiency and the design offered by the XR9500PRW. It is a simple machine which is highly recommended for skilled seamstress as well as entry level sewers. Also, with an affordable price in compared to the features offered, this one is the best machine you can buy which will allow you undertake any kind of project.


Singer 7258 Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine

Well, this machine provides everything that a seamstress looks in a machine that too within a budget. It is an affordable contrivance which can help you to undertake all kinds of sewing projects. The automatic bobbin system offers you the consistency at work and reduces the risk of the stabbing. Also, this machine has been proficient at several award functions winning in most of them.

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Specifications: The machine comprises of 100 built-in stitches and 10 different presser foot so that the user can undertake different sewing projects like sewing, quilting, and crafting. The automatic needle threader reduces the stress on the user’s eyes. Also, it allows its users to adjust the stitch length and width according to their likings. The top drop-in bobbin system makes it easy for the users to load the machine. One can adjust the speed of the machine without fidgeting with the foot pedal.

The Expert’s Opinion: It is one of the top rated machines available in the market. It is so easy to set up that you can get down on with the business in just 5 minutes of unpacking it. Therefore, this machine is highly recommended for the newbies. Apart from its easy features is its ability to perform the most difficult tasks with extreme suaveness. No wonder it is one of the most highly rated machines on the Amazon.


Brother PE770 5*7 inch Embroidery-Only Sewing Machine

As its name suggests, it is an out and out machine designed especially for the people who want to undertake embroidery projects on a regular basis. This machine will make you feel better at sewing as it would dwell on your mistakes and help you produce pinpoint projects. It is so easy to set-up that it requires you to just load the bobbin and pull the thread and you’d be good to go to undertake embroidery projects.

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Specifications: It is equipped with a larger workspace so that one can undertake large projects and easily do the embroidery work like lettering. Also, the backlight LED allows you to view and customize your designs before you put them to effect. It is packed with nothing less than 136 built-in embroidery designs that include intricate floral prints, 12 border styles, scrollwork, and quilt patterns. It comes with an inbuilt memory card slot and USB port that allows you store your customized designs from the computer. Threading and bobbin winding doesn’t let you stress yourself while you use this machine.

The Expert’s Opinion: As per its performance is concerned, we can bet you that the makers have gone through a lot of research to give out extremely effective results. Its technical abilities set this machine apart from the rest. The machine is capable of sewing embroidery designs easily through a variety of fabrics regardless of its thickness. It is a bargain for the price it is offered.


Singer 9970 Quantum Stylist Computerised Sewing Machine

This machine is one of the best domestic machines one can purchase to undertake all sorts of domestic projects. It offers you a large variety of inbuilt stitch options along with the added features. The inclusion of 5 different font styles makes it apt for undertaking embroidery projects. One can smoothly sew through any fabric with its smooth autopilot features and speed control. Also, the inclusion of automatic thread cutter allows you to complete projects with finesse.

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Specifications: Singer 9970 comes with 600 built-in stitches that include 13 fully automated buttonholes and an exclusive buttonhole underplate. The machine comprises of automatic needle threader and thread cutter which allows you to get precision in your projects. Also, it comes with an extension table that allows its users to undertake larger projects. The inclusion of 19 different presser feet gives you the option to glide through the most difficult fabric with extreme ease.

The Expert’s Opinion: This machine is built to sew through the toughest of fabrics with ultimate ease. Also, it doesn’t disappoint you while you sew thick layers of fabrics with it. It is an outstanding machine with an affordable price. The accessories and the user manual that come along with the machine is what add swiftness to your sewing projects. The speed control of the machine is nothing less than a boon. So if you want to buy a machine which doesn’t create much fuss yet gives out the best results, this one is there for the taking.


Brother Designio Series DZ820E Embroidery Machine

Although on the higher side of the price, this machines does equal justice to the price with the features offered. It is an out and out only embroidery machine that offers a wide fleet of options for you to design elaborate projects. It can last the test of time easily while giving its user satisfying results after every use. The extra features and the starter pack that comes along with the machine adds to the effectiveness of the entire product.

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Specifications: The machine comprises of 2 extra embroidery hoops along with a CD that includes 200 additional embroidery designs. The starter kit that comes with the machine makes it extremely easy for its users to set-up the machine within no time after it is unpacked. It allows you to choose from 136 built-in embroidery designs, 6 lettering fonts, and 120 frame patterns. One can also watch and learn from the built-in tutorials.

The Experts Opinion: The user manual that comes along with the machine proves to be helpful the new seamstress. Also, the machine is the best option for the home embroidery undertaking such projects for the first time. The machine is easy to set up which makes it a better option for the newbies. Threading an embroidery machine was n this easy. The downloadable options from the site give you to create designs at your will.


Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing Machine and Embroidery Machine

Instead of cribbing on to connectivity and other basic features, you will be able to spend time on this machine with your creativity. The best part about this machine is the direct internet connectivity which allows you download embroidery designs from an ocean full of options. There are regular firmware updates which help you digitize the designs to get perfection at your projects.

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Specifications: This machine helps you to undertake all kinds of sewing projects like regular sewing, quilting, and embroidery. It does the work of 3 different machines all at once. The extra added 4*4 inch table makes embroidery work much easier. It comprises of 67 built-in stitches, 70 embroidery designs, and 5 lettering fonts. One touch thread cutter makes it smoother while cutting the top and the bobbin. One can download from a wide fleet of options available on the internet and create wonderful designs.

The Expert’s Review: The quality of the machine is loved by its users, and its easy settings help the seamstress to get on with the designing as soon as the machine is unpacked. The touch screen LED with downloadable designs add to the magnificence of the machine. Also, one can do the work of 3 machines on a single device which makes it a fan favorite. It is one of the best-rated products on Amazon. Why wouldn’t it be as it suffices all the needs of seamstresses of any level?


Bernina Artista 635 Limited Edition Sewing, Quilting, and Embroidery Machine

The best part of the machine is the included free arm that allows its users to complete larger projects and make embroidery designs efficiently. The machine provides a very strong stitch every time it glides through a fabric which makes projects look like they are hand stitched. The Stitch animation feature is what differentiates the machine from the rest of the models available on the list. It allows its users to plan and plot the designs before you create them in real time.

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Specifications: It comes with a wide fleet of built-in stitches and embroidery designs. Apart from that its LED touchscreen and star/stop speed control button add to the efficiency of the machine. There are several buttons designated for various functions which make it easier to understand and select the desired feature. Stitch animation feature allows you to plot designs before you make them in real life.

The Expert’s Opinion: The major drawback of the machine is its unavailability of the product on the online portal. This machine is not available on the Amazon. Therefore, many people turn a deaf ear to the working efficiency of the machine. However, this machine is a beast in its class and can quilt, sew, and embroidery at the same time. The only reason it made the list of the best embroidery sewing machines is that of its work ethic and strong built-in quality.


The factors that make these machines the best in its class?

There could be n numbers of features you seek in any sewing machine depending upon the projects you undertake on it. Therefore, selecting one of the above-mentioned machines could be the best option in terms of embroidery sewing machines. But have ever thought about the factors that make these machines great? We decided to make a list of all the factors that are essential for a sewing machine for embroidery.

Auto-Pilot Features

The most important factors that are must in an embroidery sewing machine are the auto-pilot functionality and automatic thread tension. It is extremely difficult to manually control the machine’s speed while doing embroidery projects. Therefore a machine with decent and smooth tension as well as consistent speeds prove worthy of their tags as embroidery sewing machines.

Size Matters

Another factor that makes the above-mentioned machines best for embroidery projects is their size. If one indulges in sewing projects that require them to undertake embroidery work and quilting work, they would definitely require a machine which is bigger in size. The minimal size of the workspace offered has to 4*4 inches square. Any smaller machine than the mentioned size won’t let you complete your projects freely. Therefore, make sure you pay special attention towards size before purchasing a sewing machine.

Top Drop-in Bobbin

Embroidery is a much difficult skill to master when compared to the normal sewing processes. Therefore, machines that offer top drop-in bobbin and auto winding system ease the process for the seamstress. The seamstress can save the time with these features and pay more attention towards their design and precision at the project.

Downloadable designs

Most of the machines mentioned above either give the option of downloading a number of stitch patterns which can be customized according to your sewing requirements, or they come with a USB port which gives its user the freedom to feed several designs in the machine. This is another factor that is most evidently present in the best embroidery sewing machines.

How much would one of the best embroidery machines cost you?

Well, the answer to this question can be a tricky one. Many readers might have visited this site for just this question. Likely so, many wonder about the best price to buy a perfect embroidery machine. So our answer to the question is it completely depends on your skill level and amount of features you will require and use at the first place.

The entry level can burn a hole of around $300. But if you want don’t want to take a risk and settle on a fully competent machine, it can come to you at the price tag of $500. In case you need a machine with loaded features and allows you create the most intricate of designs at your will, you will have to stretch your budget by a $500 more. Around $1000, one can get the best embroidery machine available in the market.

We hope we covered the answers to all your questions regarding the best sewing machines for embroidery. From price to factors that are essential while choosing a machine, we tried to answer anything and everything you need to know about them. Not only that, we also recommended few of the best simple and easy sewing machines available at the market.

To say the least, Brother and Singer have had their dominance on this section of sewing machines too. There are few Brother Models that serve as multifunctional machines. So, just in case, you have very little idea about how long your embroidery projects would last, you can opt to buy those multi-functional uses. So once you are bored of embroidery, one can get back to sewing or quilting without needing to change the entire set-up.

Embroidery projects require patience, but with the help of a full-fledged machine one can save a lot of time and create mistake-free products.