By the very first name of it, many first time seamstresses would completely neglect the Hello Kitty sewing machines. The name itself advertises the machines to be cute and made exclusively for the children. But contrary to the beliefs of the many, it may be surprising for you to hear when we say that it is an efficient sewing machine. Although it may look girly or have a cute little cartoon on it, it is quite parallel to its look. It can outperform your expectations from the machine. Never judge a book by its cover, and these machines support the proverb with utmost perfection.

It was quite surprising for us to believe that Janome would come with a quirky name like that, especially for the machines which had the capability to go shoulder to shoulder with any other basic sewing machines. Having said that, it was even more difficult to digest, that a machine by the adorable name of Hello Kitty and a girly appearance could do wonders when it came to sewing.

About Hello Kitty Sewing Machines

Janome introduced its first-ever Hello Kitty model in 2003. They have, till date, managed to produce a wide variety of sewing machines in the category. The machines have become so popular off lately that many professionals tag it as a perfect sewing machine for the beginners.

Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

If you think that these vibrant colored sewing machines are toys, you could be surprised to its sewing results. It can put many entry-level models to shame with its productivity. Needless to say, we felt the urge to talk about a particular category of a particular brand. In this blog, we would discuss of all the models possibly introduced under the banner of Hello Kitty.

Who can use the Hello Kitty Machines?

According to the Janome, they have seen a hike in their sales in the vacation periods. That simply translates into many of the parents may be buying this machine for their children to pick up a hobby. Also, with all the cute stickers and colors that go into the machine, it is quite obvious that young girls would be attracted towards its overall outlook.

Hello Kitty Sewing Machine for Kids

However, these machines aren’t only purchased for the children. Many of the Singer-users have shifted to the Hello Kitty models for their general household use. Also, it is a great machine to have as a back-up for your high-end model, if sewing is what you do for a living.

What does Janome have to say about their unique yet efficient sewing machine?

For the Hello Kitty line, we chose some of our most popular and easy to use regular sewing machines and incorporated Hello Kitty graphics

Product Product Name Check on Amazon User Ratings Built-in Stitches
Janome 13512 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine (Red) CHECK ON AMAZON 4.7 15
Janome Hello Kitty 15822 Regular Size Sewing Machine CHECK ON AMAZON 4.1 22
Janome Hello Kitty 18750 Computerized Sewing Machine CHECK ON AMAZON 4.1 50
Janome Hello Kitty Compact Sewing Machine CHECK ON AMAZON 5.0 8
Janome Hello Kitty Electric Sewing Machine CHECK ON AMAZON 3.8 12
Janome 11706 ¾ Size Hello Kitty Sewing Machine CHECK ON AMAZON 4.2 11

Models under the Category

Janome 13512 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine (Red)

Although the vibrant color would make you believe that it is a machine built for the toddlers, it is clearly not what it looks like. In fact, it could be a decent choice for the entry-level seamstresses. You have an option of color to choose from. However, the green color is said to have lesser features than that of the red one. There is a definitive price difference between the two considering the features, but we would suggest our readers stick with the red one.

Janome 13512 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine (Red)       




Surprisingly, Janome 13512 can even undertake heavy duty sewing projects. It has a dedicated tension control for the users to deal with tough fabrics. It also inherits a reverse lever. Therefore, performing a lock stitch isn’t an issue on this machine. It comes with a folding handle which would make it convenient for the kids to carry the machine to their sewing classes. It is simply a great machine for all age groups. However, one can consider different options if your child is under the age of 8.

Specifications & Features: The machine consists of 15 built-in stitches, each of which could be varied to a desired length and width. The presence of vertical oscillating hook bobbin system makes it easier for the entry-level seamstresses to get hold of his bobbin. Needle position can be adjusted to the center and to the left. It may look delicate from the outside, but the interior is built with an aluminum frame.

It comes with a free arm that allows the users to undertake quilting projects. Another surprise comes in the form of the speed that this machine has to offer. It can sew at the speed of 860 stitches per minute which is decent as compared to other regular machines on the market.

Our Expert Opinion: It is a wonderful machine which can undertake a wide range of projects without creating a fuss. It weighs around the 14-pound mark, which is indeed the weight of most of the full sized sewing machines. The mechanical machine would let you add to your creativity by giving you 15 different stitch options. The best part about it is its versatility. It can suffice the need of a novice, and the same time helps a professional seamstress to get better with his assignments.

Janome Hello Kitty 15822 Regular Size Sewing Machine

By the very first look at it, it seems like a sewing machine designed to lure the children towards it. Likely so, the kitten, the words on it which say Hello Kitty, and the bright red and blue color dash, is a sign that this machine is built for the young seamstresses. As a result, Janome has inherited a very simplistic approach towards its designs. It boasts as many as 3 big levers on the front of the machine. One allows you to select your stitches while the other two levers are dedicated to adjusting the width and the length of the stitches respectively.

Janome Hello Kitty 15822 Regular Size Sewing Machine




Threading this machine is a cakewalk as there is clear information given right in front of you on how to thread it. The tension adjustment is an added advantage. The free arm lets you take its advantage by sewing small pieces like cuffs and collars. The needle plate is listed with a lot of information for seaming. This makes it easier for the users to get used to the machine.

Specifications & Features: The machine comprises of as many as 22 built-in stitches and a single buttonhole. It inherits a reverse stitch to lessen your mistakes. Features such as thread cutter, needle threader, and accessory storage add to the efficiency of the machine. One has to manually look at the thread tension control. The presence of big and clear levers help you to select your desired stitches within a fraction of the time. The front load bobbin can cause a headache if a person has used a machine with a top loading bobbin.

Our Expert Opinions: It is without a doubt, one of the best performing hello kitty sewing machines on the market. The productivity of this machine can be compared with that of several high-end models. Each and every stitch made on the machine is sturdy and strong. The bright colors are sure of attracting small children towards it. The features are added to the machine in such a way that it is easy to manipulate.

The price at which the machine is offered is quite negligible. So in case you are unsure about how long the sewing stint would last in your child’s life, you can invest in the machine without making a huge hole in your pocket. The only drawback we noted was its bobbin. One has to completely remove the accessory case in order to access the bobbin. The ease of use and easily manipulative functions make it one of the best sewing machines for kids under the age of 9.

Janome Hello Kitty 18750 Computerized Sewing Machine

Computerized sewing machines are complicated. Not all, but for the most of the times, it may get a little confusing even for a professional seamstress to deal with tons of features inherited in the machine. As a result, many skilled seamstresses avoid their trainees to use them during their learning curve. It may ridicule them to the bits with plenty of features which might get difficult to understand. However, Janome Hello Kitty 18750 is an exception. It breaks all the myths and concepts that say that sewing machine shouldn’t be used by the learners or young toddlers. It is designed to amuse the kids and gives them the hands-on experience on how to work on a fully automated sewing machine.

Janome Hello Kitty 18750 Computerized Sewing Machine




If the hello kitty logo was chucked out from the machine, it would share its look with one of Janome’s high-end quilting machine, 3160DC. Not only it shares the look of the high-end 3160DC but also has similarity when it comes to features. There are a lot of features included in it that could put any regular sewing machine at shame. It is a machine that could provide a good platform for the young seamstress to learn how to wind and thread a sewing machine.

Specifications & Features: It has features that are definitely worth more than citing it as the children’s machine. However, the hello kitty sticker suggests that it made by keeping the children in mind. It consists of as many as 50 built-in stitches and 3 one-step buttonholes. There is a built-in needle threader which makes it easy for the children to access the machine. The availability of free arm gives the users the freedom to create intricate projects like cuffs and collars with utmost ease.

It also boasts a needle up/down button and a button to start or stop the machine. Such features come in handy when one requires the machine to complete assignments in quick time. Also, one can control the sewing speed with the speed slider that enables the user to sew at the desired speed.

Our Expert Opinion: You would surely be stunned by the computerized sewing machine. Don’t let the sewing machine riddle fool you by its name or its look. It is much more on the performance than to the looks. It can work on a wide array of fabrics without causing a hiatus. However, one should keep this machine away from children less than 8 years. The poor little kid won’t be able to handle the dynamics of a computerized sewing machine at such young age.

If you are adamant that your kid should practice on a computerized sewing machine, 18750 is the one to rely on.  It is lightweight, productive, and fast-paced. All these features are packed as one at a very affordable price. The only glitch we found out was the absence of the thread cutting button. Also, the blade is given on the left side which may ruffle a few seamstresses.

Janome Hello Kitty Compact Sewing Machine

Built of ABS Resin, it is one of the lightest sewing machines on the list. It only weighs 6.8 pounds and has a very compact and diminished structure. When laid on a sewing table, its width measured 13.5 inches only which tells us about its size in a better way. Although it has diminished figure, it works excellently on small projects. It can undertake almost all kind of basic household projects. The machine could prove very helpful to the people who are in their learning curve.

Janome Hello Kitty Compact Sewing Machine




The gorgeous looking sewing machine is going to make you fall for its beauty more than anything. The features inherited in the machine wouldn’t disappoint you either. You can get the class of Janome and high-end dependability of the brand by purchasing this machine. Overall, it is an excellent sewing machine for the kids who are just trying to cement their feet in the world of sewing.

Specifications & Features: Don’t let the machine’s size fool you. It only measures about 29 centimeters wide and 22.9 centimeters in height. Also, the weight of the machine makes it easy to be carried around. The 6-pounder machine can be taken to the classes without causing much trouble. The machine comprises of 8 built-in stitches, out of which 5 are straight and 3 are zigzags. These many stitches are just enough for someone in their learning curve to hone their skills.

Our Expert Opinion: This machine is exclusively designed for children. However, it can be effective for the beginners to get some experience in the art of sewing. It has just the right features to keep a novice engaged in his sewing assignments. One can use his creativity using the built-n features. The ease-of-use is what the makers have focused while constructing the machine. The shredded weight is also an indication that it is purely made for the young seamstresses. It can be easily carried around to the sewing classes. Therefore, it automatically becomes an apt choice for the beginners and children who want are keen on learning.

Janome Hello Kitty Electric Sewing Machine

This is a machine we would highly recommend for the first-time users. Needless to say, it can handle a wide range of sewing projects and an extensive fleet of fabrics. Basic sewing projects can be done within a short period of time. It is a full-time sewing machine. Therefore, one should overlook the color and the hello kitty sticker and thereby focus on its performance. It is not just a machine apt for the kids, but also for the adults who want to try their hands at sewing.

Janome Hello Kitty Electric Sewing Machine




Specifications & Features: The machine consists of 12 built-in stitches and a single 4-step buttonhole. It also comprises of the manual thread tension control which is a constant feature in most of the Hello Kitty sewing machines. It also inherits a 3-piece feed dog and Snap-On presser feet. The availability of free arm lets you undertake intricate sewing assignments like cuffs, collars, etc. Selecting a stitch is easy because of the easy-to-use levers. The stitch sizes are adjustable. One can widen the stitch by 5mm while lengthen it by 4mm. The presence of reverse lever and extra high presser foot lift makes it an utterly competitive machine.

Our Expert Opinion: The aluminum interior frame gives the desired rigidity to your sewing experience. The feed dog is essential for the smooth feeding of the fabric. One can do almost everything that a user can do on a high-end regular sewing machine. Also, it is comparatively fast and provides excellent results. The machine comes with a lot of accessories which are enough to lure an entry-level seamstress. The speed at which it sews is unbelievable. It can sew at the speed of 860 stitches per minute. Unlike most of the entry-level models, the machine is built to last the test of the time.

Janome 11706 ¾ Size Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

With one of the fastest motors in its class, the Janome 11706 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine is possibly one of the top 3 sewing machines introduced under this banner. Unlike its cute and adorable looks, the machine has the tendency to carry out some high-intensity work. It can sew at faster speeds and give out productive results. It can effortlessly glide past some of the most stubborn fabrics known to the sewing world. Its heavy-duty work manages to surprise a lot of seamstresses.

Janome 11706 ¾ Size Hello Kitty Sewing Machine




Janome 11706 attracts a lot of small children, especially the young girls. However, this machine simply isn’t made to amuse the young toddlers. In fact, the machine can be best suited for the home user. Not only for the domestic use, but it could even suffice the needs of someone running a small business from home.

Specifications & Features: It comprises of 11 built-in stitches and a single 4-step buttonhole. These features just enough for an intermediate seamstress to get done with his daily projects. The presence of free arm allows the users to get done with cuffs, collars, and other such projects within a short period of time. The lightweight adds to the overall productivity of the machine.

The cute-looking machine can be carried out easily to the sewing classes making it one of the decent choices for young seamstresses. The lightweight structure doesn’t affect the heavy- duty sewing. One can get the desired sturdiness from the interior aluminum body. The accessories compartment is big enough to accommodate thread bundles, needle sets, and sample cloth pieces.

Our Expert Opinion: We were really taken back by what an entry-level model can do. It can easily be compared with some of the mid-range models on the market. It would even exceed some models when it comes to productivity. Even though it is made for the young children or young learners, the machine can be a great choice for the domestic use as well.

It is one of the best portable sewing machines on the market today. Janome has produced yet another masterclass in the form of Hello Kitty 11706. The 3/4 size machine overperforms in all departments and provides some excellent results.

Our Top Pick

Janome Hello Kitty 18750 Computerized Sewing Machine


The best Hello Kitty Sewing Machine according to us is the Janome 18750 computerized machine. It excels in all departments from its sewing speed to its durability. Also, it provides a huge number of inbuilt features to attract seamstresses of all levels. However, one can choose a cheaper option if he or she is looking to buy a sewing machine for a kid whose age is 12 or below. The reason this machine is our top pick is solely that of its versatility.

Now that we have covered some of the best Janome models produced under the banner of Hello Kitty, we hope that you have found your answers to which Hello Kitty model would suit your needs. The above-mentioned machines could be one of the best choices for the kids. Everything from the design to the ease-of-use, these machines have everything to keep a toddler amused. Kitties could be a reason that your child falls in love with the art of sewing.

If at all, if we have missed out any Hello Kitty machine, that you think deserves to be on the list, write to us in the comments section below. We would be happy to research and provide the best possible reviews for the same. Till then, adore these cute machines and get amazed by the range of tasks it can perform.