Best Sewing Machines Brands in the World

Sewing Machines have been in great demand ever since their inception. Not only in the industries, but people are willing to own a sewing machine for domestic use or to nurture a hobby. Therefore, knowing about the best brands that produce excellent sewing machines is a must for someone who loves sewing or is keen of learning about different sewing machines. Taking these factors into considerations, we decided to dedicate an entire space to talk about best sewing machine brands available in the market today.

best Sewing machine brands

Best Sewing Machine Brands Reviewed

There are several brands that have ruled the sewing world for the majority of the time. Brands like Singer, Juki, Brother, and Janome have cemented their places as reliable companies that offer a wide fleet of sewing machine variables to the masses. However, there are many small brands that time and again come up with fantastic products at very cheap prices. But these companies have lacked the consistency that is shown by the bigger names like Janome. In the space below, we talk about each sewing machine company in detail and also shed some light on few of the best products from the respective companies.


Janome is one of the best-selling brands in the United States with its headquarters based in the city of Hachioji, Japan. The company was founded in Japan and has a subsidiary for the American market in Mahwah, New Jersey, named as Janome America. The company has been well ahead of several other counterparts in terms of its innovation. They have invented a plenty of machines which have been emulated by other companies in the recent days. It is believed that Janome sells it sewing machines in over 100 countries across the globe. That number itself gives us an idea of the enormity of the company.

Machines Produced and its Types

Janome is responsible for producing a wide fleet of options to the seamstresses. The type of sewing machines put on sale by the Janome is:-

Machines that are automatically powered by electricity or the ones which are computerized get software updates time and again to add to the efficiency of the previously owned sewing machines.

The giant sewing machine company sells its products by different names in different countries. Janome is the parent of the several famous sewing machine brands like:-

  • Kenmore for Sears
  • Artistic Sewing Suite
  • Elna
  • Neechi

Brands like Neechi and a few more are said to be produced in the Asian factories. Most of the Janome products are made in the United States of America and distributed all over the world.

One of the best sewing machines from Janome reviewed

Janome emphasizes of producing sewing machines that are very easy to use. Therefore, the company has always attracted a lot of newbies and the entry level seamstresses. It is believed that the quality of the Serger machines produced by the Janome is top notch. No doubt, Janome is considered as one of the most reliable brands in the sewing world.

Janome 8077 Computerized Sewing Machine

It is one of the best products ever produced by the Janome. With all the automatic features that a seamstress would love to have at his or her disposal and the versatility offered at a very compensating cost makes it the most loved machine from the plenty. Also, even after having a plenty of features, the machine is very easy to use and doesn’t confuse the entry level seamstress at all.

Janome 8077 Computerized Sewing Machine

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The automatic bobbin winder inherited in the machine helps the users to thread the machine without causing a headache. The stitch quality is decent, and one can even play fancy with the stitch length and width to make customisable projects. All this at the expense of just a few touches. Overall, it is a fantastic machine that can woo the seamstress of any level, whether you are a beginner or a professional. The low price on such a wonderful product attracts many people from the sewing world.

It is safe to term Janome 8077 as one of the best sewing machines available at the market today.



Another Japanese supergiant leads the list of best sewing machine brands in the world. Brother is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan and is responsible for producing several electronic machines all over the world. Brother sells its products under another name titled OEM. Brother is known for producing sturdy sewing machines that can last the test of time. Also, they have made a big name for themselves producing sewing machines for the domestic use.

Brother has set up their factories in Zhuhai, China where they only construct mechanical sewing machines. The computerized sewing machines and embroidery sewing machines are produced in the factory based in Taiwan. Brother Industries set up a factory in Vietnam, which is considered to be the biggest single brand factory in the world.

The company sold its 50 millionth domestic sewing machine in September 2011. Brother is considered to be one the best-selling sewing machine brands in the world.

Machines Produced and its Types

Just like Janome, Brother produces several machines in different genres throughout the year. The sewing machines produced under the banner of Brother are:-

  • Home Sewing Machines
  • Embroidery Sewing Machines
  • Quilting Sewing Machines
  • Domestic Over Lockers
  • A-Grade Sewing Machines
  • Industrial Sewing Machines
  • Industrial Single Needle Sewing Machines

Best sewing machine of the lot from Brother reviewed

Brother XR9500 Project RunwaySewing Machine

Brother Project Runway is by far one of the most versatile sewing machines ever introduced in the sewing world. It is efficient at its best and provides many interesting features to attract the seamstress all over the world. It is strong, durable, and is made to last. Also, it is very easy to use and smoothens your sewing experience.

It gives the users to create wonderful designs and a superior quality stitch. The quality of stitch never drops down. Also, one has a plenty of options to customise designs by using stitch patterns and varieties. The company has paid a detail attention towards its user interface. It makes it very easy to control regardless of your sewing capability.

Brother XR9500 Project RunwaySewing Machine

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The machine comprises of 100 built-in stitches which are further categorized into decorative, heirloom, and utility stitches. Each of these stitches is customizable and come with multiple stitch functions. The widest stitch of them is as wide as 7 mm. One can even undertake basic monogramming projects with the help of the built-in sewing fonts. It has a wide table which provides 33 percent extra workspace. It gives the user the liberty to undertake large quilting projects.

Without a doubt, one can say that it is the best-computerized models available at the market. It is one of the best-selling products from the Brother industries. They have made a huge name for themselves in the worldwide market. If experts are to be believed, Brother is one of the most profitable sewing machine companies in the world.



Japan has been on the top for being the hub of best sewing machine brands in the world. Juki is yet another company like Janome and Brother to have originated from the land of the rising sun having being headquartered at Tsurumaki, Tokyo. It is believed that Juki leads the way of producing the best industrial sewing machines in the world. Also, it is said that it is the best sewing machines company in the world and holds the reputable 1st place in a very competitive market.

The company is also responsible for producing top quality domestic and surface mount component placement machines. Juki has factories spread across the North-East Asian countries like Vietnam, Taiwan, China, and Japan. To the date, the company has sold machines in over 150 countries spread across six continents. If company numbers are to be believed, it has sold the industrial sewing machines in approximately 170 countries.

Machines Produced and its Types

Unlike Janome and Brother, Juki has much more sewing machines to attract the seamstresses. The models are divided into two sub-divisions, viz. sewing machines for apparel and non-apparel. There are models mentioned below stated in the each of its categories.

For Apparel

  • 1-needle Lock Stitch Machine
  • Zigzag Stitching Machine
  • Chain stitching Machine
  • Bar Tacking Machine
  • Automatic Machine
  • Post Bed Sewing Machine
  • Cover stitch Machine
  • Shape tacking Machine
  • Computer Controlled Cycle Machine
  • Over lock/ Safety Stitch Machine

For Non-Apparel

  • Flat-Bed Sewing Machine
  • Long Arm Sewing Machine
  • Cylinder-Bed Sewing Machine
  • Machine for Extra Heavy-weight Materials
  • Post Bed Sewing Machine

There are several models produced under these categories which are much more compared to any other sewing machine brand in the world. One can understand the greatness of the machine with the variety it has to offer. Also, one can rely on this machines when it comes to sturdiness and longevity.

Best Model from Juki Reviewed

Juki DDL-8700-Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

The powerful servo motor and the reliability of Juki is what makes Juki DDL-8700 one of the best industrial sewing machines in the market today. Even after being categorized into an industrial sewing machine type, it is perfect for the domestic use. The motor is believed to be forcing less power and producing effective results. Also, with such a powerful motor, one doesn’t have to worry about the loud sound of the motor.

Juki DDL-8700-Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

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The machine weighs around 30 pounds and is lightning fast. To be précised, it can sew as fast as 5500 stitches per minute without skipping a stitch or varying in the stitch length and width. There isn’t any hesitation with the machine jamming up even after the constant use. Also, one can sew all lightweight and medium weight fabrics effortlessly. Even after producing such high-quality results in much less time, it doesn’t vibrate at all. The sturdiness and the steadiness of the machine are top notches.

Even though it sounds ruthless when it comes to the efficiency of the machine, it is very easy to use and at no point puts the user in any kind of discomfort. One thing that the machine can guarantee you every time is it can sew in a very straight line regardless of the toughness of the fabric.

With all the good things by its side, no wonder it is one of the most loved machines by the professionals. It also makes a good domestic machine because of its easy to use features and low noise of the motor.



Finally, an American company in the list of best sewing machine brands in the world. It is ironical that very few brands from Europe or American continent have managed to reign the sewing market. However, Singer has been the stand out American performer in the market dominated by the Asian companies, especially Japanese. It is one of the oldest manufacturers to grace the sewing fraternity with its inception dated back in 1851. It has gone through several names from the time of its inception till today. It was called the Singer Manufacturing Company in 1865. The company changed its name to Singer Company a century later in 1963.

The company is headquartered in Tennessee, New York and has its manufacturing plants all over the United States of America. The singer has many patterns to its name and has been selling sewing machines in larger quantities right from the mid-1800’s.

Singer specializes in producing sewing machines of almost all types. They pay a special attention to the machines made for the beginners or the entry level seamstresses. Their machines are durable and end on the positive side for its efficiency.

Machines Produced and its Types

The singer has a lot of sewing machine variants for sale at the current market. Their domestic machines are the most sold ones. Also, they are very low on the price of that compared to the other brands in the market. The renowned brand is responsible for producing the following types of sewing machines:-

If you have gone through our previous reviews, then you might understand that Singer machines are omnipresent in each of the categories. Such has been the impact of the company on the world market. It has produced a decent product in each of the category.

The best sewing machine from Singer

Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine

Singer has stood by their company policy of producing easy to use machines that provide wonderful results in a less amount of time. The Drop feed with the box feed motion is the best part of the machine according to expert. It has the answers to all your sewing needs. You name the pattern of stitch you want, and you will be done without consuming a lot of time. Right from the simple straight stitch till the intricate monogramming, you will have the answers to all your sewing requirements. The feed dog inherited in the machine helps the fabric to glide past the needle and give you professional stitch every time.

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One thing you have to take care about is to keep the needle plate covered for the most amount of time. Apart from that, the machine can do most of the things on its own with your guidance. It is very easy to use and provides utmost comfort to the user.

The machine is built with a heavy duty metal frame which ensures its users the stability that one seeks while sewing. The fabric or the material can be fed smoothly because of the stainless steel bed plate. The automatic needle threader and top drop-in bobbin system save a lot of time of the entry level seamstress. It is packed with nothing less than 600 built-in stitches including 13 variants of fully automated buttonholes. Along with such a wide variety of options, it has 5 different fonts that gives you endless possibilities while creating wonderful projects.

The thread can be cut just with a single touch. These features make it easier for the users to sew endless projects within no matter of time. This machine can work simultaneously at home and at the industry level with equal effectiveness.


There are many other brands that are yet to reach the level of the renowned brands like Singer, Janome, Brother, and Juki. Brands like Reliable, Toyota, and Consew are still far from reaching the levels. However, these brands have slowly started to gain considerable profits in the sewing market. But when it comes to reliability, these brands are often snubbed for bigger brands like Brother. Also, these brands provide better efficiency and a long term warranty which makes add to the likeability factor of the seamstress.

Perks of owning the best sewing machine brands

The advantages of owning a branded sewing machine differ from brand to brand. Therefore each brand has its own set of advantages. For example, Singer machines are good with the consistency and speed. They can work for a lengthened time without creating a fuss.

Juki will provide you with all the essential features with a good value. Also, these machines are very sturdy and don’t vibrate at all. Juki machines are comparatively faster than other machines. All thanks to the powerful motors that are placed in the machines. Brands like Bernie produce great machines for the embroidery.

Brother and Singer machines are most preferred by the entry-level seamstresses. Embroidery can be carried on a decent mid-range level.  One can use one of these brands to master the art of sewing. However, these brands are not suggested for the professionals. Professionals can look forward to Bernie, Juki or Janome to suffice their sewing requirements.

Best brands are even preferred by children as they are built by keeping in mind about their safety measures. These safety measures allow your children’s finger from pinching. The automatic needle up/down feature and other such features help the seamstress who is in their learning curve. Thus, one needs to have a decent brand as a first choice sewing machine.

The best price of the best brands?

The cost varies according to the type of model and the brands. Basic brand models can cost up to $100 while other professional models and other variants can burn a hole of $3000. An average model can cost around $300 on famous online websites like Amazon.

The prices vary according to the built-in stitches and other features that are offered on the machine. One can visit our website to get detailed reviews about different sewing machines. You can get to know about appropriate prices after reading our spaces that are dedicated to particular sewing machine types.

Now that we know about the leading brands that produce the best sewing machines in the world, you can consider a many of them before you decide to buy a sewing machine. We hope that you liked our reviews regarding the same. If at all, we have forgotten to mention any brands that you think should be on the list, you can name it in the comments section below. We will be happy to shed some light on the suggested brands as well.

Janome, Brother, Bernina, Juki, or Singer, these are the leading names in the world of sewing. Choose wisely and let us know if our blog helped you to cut down on your confusion. Till then, Happy Sewing Guys!