Not all seamstresses buy a sewing machine to get done with their basic apparel assignments. There are many out there who buys them to get done with numerous projects that include bags, shoes, and other such essentials. While some do it as a hobby, many people purchase a sewing machine to get going with the businesses. The strength produced by the motor and other such components are considered depending on the seriousness of the job. In the blog today, we are going to discuss some of the best sewing machines for bags.

Some of the Best Sewing Machines for Bags Reviewed

Sewing Machines for Bags

We utilize the space to talk about a wide range of sewing machines that could be suitable for stitching bags. In the quest, we review some of the best machines which can get going with making bags quite comfortably. Right from the drawbacks to their best features, we take on each sewing machine separately. This would give you the freedom to choose from one of the best sewing machines for bags. One can make a list of their basic necessities that they want the sewing machine to suffice in context of stitching bags. This would make it smoother for the readers to figure out the exact machine that suits their preferences.

What Factors should One Consider While Purchasing a Sewing Machine for Bags?

Before we can hop onto the conclusions and the reviews, we’d like our readers to get a full-proof information of the sewing machines that are required for stitching bags. Having said that, we would first like to shower some light on the features that one should consider before buying a sewing machine.

Bags could be made from a wide fleet of materials that include denim, leather, canvas, jute, etc. Thus, it is but obvious that a machine capable of dealing with stubborn fabrics should be a top priority. Also, a sewing machine that has adjustments for walking foot can be used to great effects. A walking foot sewing machine would certainly smoothen the bag making process, especially if one has to construct it out of a tough fabric.

A flatbed sewing machine is able to deal with the seams efficiently. It does more than a fine job when it comes to seams but may cause some difficulty while you are trying to give a particular shape to the project in hand. That is why a machine with a cylindrical arm would be more preferred.

Most bags we see are made with strong and steady stitches. Thus, a machine that gives out good seams and sturdy stitches would be most preferred. Zipper foot might also come in handy.

  • A sewing machine that can deal with all types of stubborn fabrics.
  • A machine with the walking foot adjustment.
  • A machine with a compound feed and a cylindrical arm.
  • A machine capable of producing strong and sturdy stitches.

Techsew 2900 Long Arm Industrial Sewing Machine

Techsew 2900 is specially designed so that it can undertake sewing assignments that include shoes, bags, leather patches etc. One might notice from the very first look of the machine that it is a lot different than the regular machines. Likely so, the design is said to come in handy while one undertakes intricate sewing assignments like stitching shoes, bags, etc. Not as famous as it should be, it is a sturdy machine capable of undertaking a wide variety of heavy duty projects. The compact size of the machine may deceive the user, but it can easily get past multiple layers of leather.

The machine is apt for stitching bags and shoes because of the inclusion of the 360-degree rotating presser foot. This lets the user sew in all directions possible. Cylindrical arm lets you maneuver your projects that way you want to. It gives you the option of operating manually or with the help of the motor. It is befitted with a servo motor that drives the necessary strength and power to deal with the stubborn fabrics.

Specifications & Features: The machine offers a reinforced U-Table so that the users get some extra workspace while working on the cylindrical arm. Servo motor definitely adds to the speed of the machine. It is a lightning fast machine that allows you to adjust the speed according to one’s sewing speeds. There is a speed reducer given to help the users to the control the speed. It can either be operated by hand or can be powered by a motor.

The machine comes with a lot of accessories that include sewing needles, bobbins, tools, threads, etc. An instruction manual is also included in the box that guides you right from setting up the machine until you start working on it. The speed, to the dismay of many, is dropped down to 500 stitches per minute. One can regulate speed with the use of as many as 18-speed settings right from 300 to 1800 RPM.

Our Expert Opinion: Without a doubt, it can be classified into one of the best sewing machines for leather on the market in the present age. Its ease of use because of the walking foot and other such features makes it a highly appreciated machine in the sewing world. It can be best suited for making apparels such as bags and boots. One might feel a pinch on the pocket, but believe us, it is all worth your money.

Tippmann Leather Sewing Machine

It is a hand-powered machine designed to tackle stubborn fabrics like leather. One would be surprised to see the power generated by a hand power machine to deal with tough fabrics. The machine can easily go past a wide fleet of fabrics including nylon, leather, webbing, rubber, etc. Because it is a handheld sewing machine, it is compact in size and easy to be carried around. You might adjust it on a sewing table which would allow you almost little to no hassle while you are at it.

Tippmann Leather Sewing Machine




The machine derives all its power and strength from the hand lever which one would find on the right side of the unit. One has to squeeze the handbrake on the lever to raise the foot. This Tippmann’s model is classified as a needle feed machine. Regardless of the thickness of the fabric, the machine would get along with its job without creating a fuss. The sewing machine is even capable of going past almost 9 layers of velvet with utmost ease.

Specifications and Features: It is said to offer a perfect lock stitch every time the handle is pulled. Although it is a hand powered sewing machine, it is completely adjustable with its stitch lengths, widths, needles, tensions, thread sizes, etc. One can rely on the machine in terms of the accuracy and consistency provided by it. The fact that it is built with robust cast aluminum adds to the overall shelf life of the machine. Right from repairing to crafting new apparel, this machine is a great choice.

Our Expert Opinions: With the accurate setting of the tension, the machine is believed to work like a beast. It gets a little tricky at the start to set the machine’s tension to perfection, but once you overcome that, the machine would work like your regular electrically powered sewing machine. Also, there is an added advantage as the machine is hand powered. It not only helps you save a lot from the electricity bills but lets you work on the move. Therefore, it makes a great choice for designers who have come across a lot of heavy duty assignments while on the move. Also, one has to make sure that the machine is mounted on something very rigid and sturdy to get the best out of the machine. Once that is done, be ready to get surprised by its ability to sew through multiple layers of leather.

Make sure that the levers are pulled to their fullest extent to get the best results in terms of stitches. You may have to snub the needles that come along with the machine while you dealing with fabrics like nylon. With some patience and understanding of the machine, one can get excellent professional-looking results. The only drawback we found out in the machine was the inability of the company to back its product for more than a year. The one-year limited warranty seems a bit less for the price at which it is offered.

Reliable 4100CW Small Cylinder Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Just as the name suggests, it is a small cylindrical walking foot sewing machine. The fact that it is a walking foot machine makes it pretty obvious that it is made for the heavy duty work. Likely so, it works efficiently on almost all kind of fabrics. The machine is highly recommended for seamstresses who constantly have to deal with tough and medium weight fabrics. One can certainly rely on the quality offered by Reliable. The machine provides even and quality stitches at the fair amount of speeds. Also, even after boasting a powerful motor, the company manages to keep its sound on the lower side.

Reliable 4100CW Small Cylinder Walking Foot Sewing Machine




The machine’s exceptional design makes it an apt choice for dealing with bags. It is one of the many reasons that this machine makes its unique identity on our list. Also, it is made to last because of the heavy-duty construction that involves robust materials. It is, without a doubt, highly priced because of the features that it has to offer. It is inherited with a SewQuiet servo motor that gives the necessary power to the machine without creating much of the noise.

Specifications & Features: The machine, although being a no-nonsense commercial grade machine, offers a lot of features that may amuse every seamstress out there. It is a single needle, small cylinder-bed, compound feet sewing machine that is also be fitted with a walking foot. Reliable 4100CW is made to sew past multiple layers of stubborn fabrics like leather, canvas, synthetics, and other toughened fabrics. The presence of the vibrating binder makes sure that each stitch is profound and strong. Features such as walking foot, allows the unit to offer top and bottom feeding system so that the fabrics don’t slip.

The machine consists of a 6000 SM servo motor that provides the necessary power to get done with heavy-duty assignments. It also comes with a plywood table top with K-legs that provides the required stability while one is undertaking any sort of project on the machine. It also inherits a 3000TL Uberlight LED Tasklight that helps the user to have a brighter workspace. The maximum speed is said to be around 2400 RPM.

Our Expert Opinion: The machine can be best suited for sewing bags, leather seats, and oven mitts. It can deal with a wide fleet of fabrics including the tougher ones. It is sturdy and built to last. One can always rely on the units produced by the Reliable. The company is said to deliver top-notch sewing machines when it comes to the industrial or heavy-duty use. Yet again, many users wouldn’t like the one-year limited warranty that the company provides. Unlike the big brands, it is comparatively very less. However, that has been the case with most of the sewing machines for bags.

Econosew Extra Heavy Cylinder Bed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

It is, without a doubt, one of the fastest sewing machines available on the list. Just like most of the machines on the list, it is a single stitch narrow cylindrical arm lockstitch sewing machine. The unique trait of the machine has to be its large horizontal rotary hook. It offers a reverse feed and a synchronized binder to get productive stitching results. The presence of cylindrical bed lets you sew without having to turn the table or the fabric in hand.

Econosew Extra Heavy Cylinder Bed Lockstitch Sewing Machine




The machine is capable of sewing through almost all kind of fabrics regardless of their stubbornness. Right from leather to canvas, it can easily go past multiple layers of these fabrics with utmost ease. Spending as much as around 3k dollars for a sewing machine can be a great deal. Therefore, know your needs before making such a heavy investment. Having said that, at that price, you would only receive the head. That means that the table and the motor have to be purchased separately. It is a good fit for the industries of people who run smalltime businesses. We do not recommend spending such a big amount of money for the domestic use.

Specifications & Features: The machine comprises of a wide fleet of features. Well, that had to be the case, considering that one has to splurge as many as 3k dollars just for the head of the machine. Some of the notable features of the machine include an extra small cylindrical bed and oscillating shuttle. The presence of the universal upper feed allows the users to manipulate the fabric without moving the work.

Econosew Lockstitch sewing machine consists of a double-ended needle plate with distinctive holes that accommodate the different type of needles. It gives you the option of choosing between the traditional hand crank or foot treadle. There is a dedicated adjustment for the hand wheel on the right side of the machine. Therefore, it makes it easy for the seamstresses to sew extra heavy duty materials like leather, canvas, etc. The machine is believed to stitch at the top speed of 500 stitches per minute which is considered good in the category of the sewing machine for bags.

Our Expert Opinions: It has fairly positive reviews from the users. However, it is still tough to digest that it is offered at 3k dollars. Thus, considering the prices, most of the intermediate seamstresses would resort to other options. However, if you are a skilled seamstress who needs a tough and robust sewing machine that can give out productive results, you can resort to this costly option.

It is an apt machine for making bags or stitching shoes. With all the features that it has to offer, we cannot directly argue with the price. It can be best suited for the industrial use. Not only the industries would be able to afford the machine, but they would get the best out of the machine in terms of its productiveness.

Juki DDL-8700-H Commercial Grade Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

Readers who have been on the sewing scenario for quite a time would know the importance of Juki when it comes to producing top-notch commercial grade sewing machines. It is one of the lots that is apt for dealing with heavy-duty fabrics like leather. Thus, evidently so, it can be a perfect sewing machine for bags and to deal with other such sewing assignments. Also, one can always rely on its consistency and the ease of use. It is fast and can deliver professional-looking results regardless of any fabric thrown at it.

Juki DDL Straight Stitch Industrial Sewing Machine




It is one of the fastest machines on the market in the present day. It is versatile to the core. Therefore, not only it would be helpful while sewing bags but would come in handy while you undertake other sewing assignments. One can even control the speed the way he wants with the help of the speed regulator. The motor offers enough power to get done with almost all type of sewing assignments. Even though, it doesn’t cause a raucous with noise.

Specifications & Features: Before we could talk about the machine in detail, one has to know that the machine needs to be assembled after it is removed out of the box. The instruction manual would come in handy. It isn’t that much of an issue to set up the machine be very fair. But it is always safe to set up the machine perfectly before getting your hands on it. The machine offers a single straight stitch for medium and heavyweight fabrics. The actual sewing speed might surprise a lot of our readers. It is clocked at 5500 stitches per minute.

The stitch length can be adjusted to as much as 5mm. It comes with a KY-table that gives you a complete sewing experience to the seamstresses. It helps the machine to stay sturdy while dealing with stubborn materials. The presence of servo motor provides ample power to go past multiple layers of heavy-duty fabrics.

Our Expert Opinions: It is certainly one of the fastest and productive sewing machines in the commercial grade category. Also, it could be a decent option when one is looking out for the sewing machine for bags. One can rely on the consistency of the machine along with its stitch quality. It could be a great option for the people who are in their learning curve. The only downside we encountered on this machine was the lack of inbuilt features. Likely so, it is a no-nonsense commercial grade sewing machine. Thus, most of these machines come with limited built-in options. But there are excellent in whatever that has inherited in them.

Now that we have spoken about as many as 5 sewing machines that could be used for making bags, we would like to conclude our blog right here. Reviewing these machines, we came up to a conclusion that machines with a walking foot and a cylindrical arm would be best suited for crafting bags. Also, one has to make sure that the machines they choose are capable of sewing through multiple layers of fabrics. As most of the bags are built with rugged materials like canvas or leather.

We hope that we were able to give you a plenty of information about sewing machines for bags. For more sewing machine reviews, you can log on to our website We review a lot of sewing machines which are nicely channeled into distinctive categories. Thus, for sewing machine reviews and tips to hone your sewing skills, you can refer to the articles on our website. Also, we are open to suggestions. Therefore, any of your comment would be taken into considerations. We would love to build upon our mistakes and therefore, would love to get a genuine feedback from the readers.

Hope to sew your handcrafted bags in the comments section below. Happy Sewing!


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