Best singer sewing machine reviews

Singer is one of the oldest companies to produce sewing machines. They stepped into making high-quality sewing machines as early as 1851. Ever since then, the company has marketed to become one of the leading sewing machine companies in the world. It has emphasized on creating easy-to-use and efficient sewing machines for the users with the help of top-notch innovation. Singer has been responsible for giving out several firsts to the market. The likes of world’s first zigzag sewing machine, electronic machine, and now the most advanced domestic sewing machines and embroidery ones were produced under the wing of Singer Corporation. Here is everything you want to know about different Singer sewing machines available at the market today.

The company believes that they produce sewing machines in order to give a creative edge to its users. In 2011, they celebrated their 160th anniversary of the first practical machine to get the patent. One can rely on the machinery and services provided by Singer. They are tipped as one of the most reliable companies in terms of sewing machines on the global map.

We all know that how famous Singer is and has always been in terms of their productivity. They produce a lot of sewing machines in almost all the categories. Thus, to help you sort down on the best Singer Sewing Machine, we tried our best to review some of the quality sewing machines from the supergiants.

Best Singer Sewing Machines Available at the Market

Product Product Name User Ratings Check on Amazon
Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine 4.2 CHECK ON AMAZON
Singer 7258 100 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine 4.4 CHECK ON AMAZON
Singer 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 4.2 CHECK ON AMAZON
Singer 1507 WC Sewing Machine 4.1 CHECK ON AMAZON
Single One Vintage Style Computerized Sewing Machine 4.1 CHECK ON AMAZON
Singer Studio SG-10 Embroidery Machine 4.0 CHECK ON AMAZON
Singer 14J250 Stylist II Serger Overlock Sewing Machine 3.7 CHECK ON AMAZON

Singer Corporation specializes in producing sewing machines in several different genres like electronic, mechanical, embroidery, and sergers. We made a point to review the very best sewing machines ever made by Singer, regardless of the categories. Also, we tried to review a machine from every sub-category to help our readers to get hold of them.

Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine

As easy as it gets, Singer produces an absolute winner in the form of 9960 Quantum Stylist. The computerized machine gives you a wide fleet of options when it comes to built-in stitches. There is a wide variety which gives you a creative edge while sewing your projects. It is made to suffice the needs of all the seamstresses regardless of their professional level. Whether you want to indulge in basic sewing projects or want to undertake intricate sewing assignments, this machine is completely apt for you. The fabric glides past the needle effortlessly because of the feed dog inherited in the machine.




Specifications: The machine provides enough stability to the users because of its heavy-duty metal frame. It comprises of 600 built-in stitches and 13 one-step automatic buttonholes. The inclusion of features like automatic threader and top drop-in bobbin makes it easy for the users to set up the machine within in a brisk. One can even edit, preview, and mirror stitch with the help of the editing options given in the machine. However, the only drawback we see here is it cannot be mounted to a cabinet which makes it a little difficult for the home users. It has a considerable autopilot speed control which assists its users to cut down on mistakes.

Our Expert Opinion: Singer 9960 has the ability to perform all the tasks that a regular machine can do. However, at the price at which it is offered by Singer, there are many good options which can be considered alongside this machine. It can be a bit confusing the newbie. Therefore, it is highly recommended for the experienced seamstresses who simply want to add to their sewing skills. It takes a dip in performance when it comes to consistency. Its inability to stitch in a straight line and vary stitch length adds to the downfall of the machine. Overall, it is a complete workhorse and can handle tough fabrics like denim and leather with utmost ease.


Singer 7258 100 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

Don’t be shocked to see a cute looking machine undertake most of the heavy-duty sewing processes with utmost ease. It is an absolute delight with built-in 100 stitches with the extended ability to accomplish almost all sorts of projects. Singer 7258 will surprise you with the professional outcome it will have to offer every time you undertake a sewing project. Whether it is the heirloom or any decorative stitch, it will assure you of 100 percent professional results.




There is a speed controller inherited in the machine which gives the freedom to the user to run it at his own pace. Apart from that, even though it looks small and cute, it stays rigid and provides the much-needed stability a seamstress expects from a sewing machine. The automatic pressure feature doesn’t stress the needle while working on multiple layers or a toughened fabric. The steel frame provides the rigidity while the automatic bobbin winder makes it easy for the users to set up the sewing machine.

Specifications: Singer Stylist boasts 100 distinctive built-in stitches with adjustable sewing speeds. Selecting from a century of stitches is easy with a push button. Threading requires no special efforts as it is done automatically. It is very compact in size and is just around 15 pounds. It’s the best portable sewing machine. The company provides a warranty of 25-years, which gives some added security to the users.

Our Expert Opinion: For the many skilled seamstresses, it is a wonderful machine that provides all the essential features without creating a fuss. The automatic needle threader is the most loved feature out of many. Also, one has a direct access view to the bobbin thread which allows one to know about the remaining thread in the bobbin. The best part of the machine is its ability to sew through several layers of toughened fabrics. For example, it can sew almost 4 layers of denim with interfacing, and wouldn’t cross any trouble. The only downfall we see is the smaller compartment size, which can be overlooked for the wonderful features it has to offer.


Singer 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Heavy duty sewing machines are meant to sew like a workhorse, and Singer 4411 doesn’t disappoint you a bit. It can sew at the top speed of 1100 stitches per minute. Thanks to the powerful motor which is 60 percent stronger than its predecessor. The best part of the machine is its simplicity. Throw any task at it, and it would complete it every time with a professional look. The stability of the machine can be termed as best in the class. The heavy duty metal frame and stainless steel bed plate allow the users to have a very smooth functioning while sewing. It has a slightly low count in terms of the built-in stitches. It is limited to just 11, but that’s all people need from a heavy duty sewing machine.




Singer 4411 offers you three needle positions which can be adjusted according to your preferences. The presser foot is adjustable and also comes with an extra high presser foot lifter. Apart from the rigorous work that it is meant to do, it can undertake several general projects which can be completed within minutes. Although it is an out and out the industrial sewing machine, it would be useful for any seamstress regardless of its skill level.

Specifications: The machine sews at the top speed of 1100 stitches per minute. That means, it assures you a thorough professional result with a lightning fast time span. The stainless steel bed plate allows the users to feed the fabric easily. This helps the users to get straight and strong stitches every time they undertake a new project. It inherits the top drop-in bobbin system for the supreme fluency of work.

Our Expert Opinion: Although one may find it tricky after looking at the threading instruction manual, it is actually very easy to thread the machine in reality. The best about it is how easy it is to use. Regardless of your age and skill levels, one can easily get their hands on the sewing machine and master it within a few days of practice. It can sew through the toughest of fabrics like jeans without complaining. Whether it is jeans or leather, quilting projects can be easily done without putting in some intense efforts.


Singer 1507 WC Sewing Machine

Simplicity at its very best is what we can say about this machine. This easy to thread machine cuts down your efforts by almost 80 percent compared to other models available at the market. Not only it is very easy to thread but is also very easy to set up. Therefore, this machine is apt for the newbies and the entry level seamstresses. Many entry-level sewers give up the hobby because of their inefficiency to cope up with difficult or slightly confusing sewing machines. However, there are few chances of this happening when they start their sewing journey with a machine as basic simple and easy as this.




There are two variants available at the market. One comes with a spool that hangs on the top of the machine and another one with a standard bobbin. It has an easy stitch selector which can be operated by the least educated man. It has all the essential features that one requires while undertaking basic sewing projects.

Specifications: As basic as it can get, it comprises of 8 built-in stitches and a single 4 step buttonhole. There are 4 Snap-On presser feet that allow different fabrics to pass through easily giving you a creative edge. Making zigzag stitches or decorative stitches is a comparatively easy job on it. Although it is a very basic sewing machine which is very light on weight and portable to the core, it provides enough stability to complete the projects with a professional finish.

Our Expert Opinion: It is the best Singer model for the entry level seamstress. To be fair, its simplicity is what makes it so effective for all the users. It has just enough features to lure the newbies and not to distract them with several features that never come in handy unless you need different creative designs. Also, it is available on the market at very affordable prices adding to the efficiency of the machine. The speed can be easily controlled with the help of the foot pedal. It is just enough to keep the entry level seamstresses interested in their hobby for a very long time.


Single One Vintage Style Computerized Sewing Machine

Computerized sewing machines provide a lot of features that may confuse the user. But when arranged in the style of Singer One, there is no problem of one doubting the simplicity of the machine. It is one of the most easy-to-use sewing machines available at the market today. The Swift smart threading system smoothens the entire sewing process. This feature stays worthy to its name by giving effective results at a very swift speed. The sensors installed on the foot pedal give us the control to start the machine when we intend to. It may cost you a bit extra of that compared to the other Singer machines on the list, but with all the essential features it provides, the price is justified.




Specifications: The inclusion of automatic needle threader makes it very simple for the users to set up the machine. With so many stitch options at your disposal, one can select the desired stitch and stitch length with just one touch. Automatic bobbin thread pick-up makes it easy for the users and saves a plenty of time of the users. The machine comprises of 24 built-in stitches which include 6 essential, 4 stretch and 12 decorative stitches. Along with the built-in stitches, it has 2 fully automated buttonholes. The sensor on the foot makes it easier for the pedal to stay at the desired position when one resumes sewing.

Our Expert Opinion: This machine is a boon for someone who is very keen on mastering the art of sewing. It gives seamstresses a creative edge with all the essential features and built-in stitches. Also, it doesn’t complicate things as one can rely on it completely to attain professional results even with the simplest of projects. Loading and winding bobbin can be done in a very little or no time. There are so many options that come along with the machine that one wouldn’t get tired of the machine even after its extensive use.


Singer Studio SG-10 Embroidery Machine

If consistency is what you crave and expect from a sewing machine, you can close your eyes and opt for the Singer Studio SG-10 embroidery machine. It is surely the least complicated machine on the list. Its rigid construction gives you the freedom to indulge in hassle-free stitching without worrying about the machine losing or skipping the stitches. Another part that fascinates me as a user is the quality of the stitch it produces. It has the ability to do the basic stitching with precision. However, it is an out and out embroidery sewing machine. One can rely on other computerized sewing machines if you want a versatile one.




Specifications: Even though it is simply meant for heavy duty embroidery work, it boasts 55 built-in stitches along with 3 monogramming fonts and a couple of hoops. The inclusion of automatic needle threader just smoothens the sewing experience. Apart from all the interesting features that are simply laid down for you, you get a huge space for you to create and upload your imaginative designs in the machine. To get hold of your creative edge, the company gives you 2800 ready to sew designs which can be directly inherited to the upcoming project.

Our Expert Opinion:  Basic yet amazingly efficient is how we would want to describe this sewing machine. It is sturdier than the most machines available on the list. Also, its consistency is one such thing one can always depend blindly on. The fabric moves like a dream because of the stainless steel bed plate. The feeding of the toughest of fabric gets very easy because of that. Although it is a workhorse and speaks volumes about its efficiency, it can be an intriguing affair for the new seamstress to master the machine. Also, we do not recommend this machine for someone who likes to work in utmost tranquility. The powerful motor and heavy-duty metal frame produce a lot of noise making it difficult for the home user.


Singer 14J250 Stylist II Serger Overlock Sewing Machine

As we promised at the start, it was our desperate attempt to review each of the machines from the respective genre. Therefore, this is what makes us mention a Singer Overlock Sewing Machine. It has the ability to perform any tasks thrown at it. However, that doesn’t mean one can use the serger for the basic use. If one requires a machine for the entry level, this would be the best choice. One can rely on the overall finish of the projects made on the machine. The automatic needle threader and easy to understand color codes make it more efficient for the use of seamstresses.




The machine can sew as fast as 1300 stitches per minute with a wide fleet of feed dog options at your disposal for smoother feeding of specific fabrics. One gets the opportunity to adjust the feed dog depending upon the nature of the fabric. Along with the feed dog, the stitch length is also variable. One can select from lengths ranging from 1mm to as much as 5mm. Although you cannot make adjustments to the presser foot, it is fitted at the best height possible. With so many accessories and mere perfect features, it is a decent choice if one is looking for a Singer Serger sewing machine.

Specifications: The threading part can be done in the wide areas of the machine. Therefore, setting up this machine would require no-brainer. It doesn’t get easier than this. Also, one doesn’t require any rocket science to thread the needle. For the borders of the project, one can rest assured of the fabric being sewed and cut at the same time. It provides a wide fleet of options in terms of the stitches. It has a 2-3-4 stitch capability which makes it one of the most versatile serger sewing machines on the market today.

Our Expert Opinion: One of the many factors why people choose Singer machines for their day to day sewing needs is their low prices. The company offers you a product that is efficient at a very low cost. However, low prices mean that it is down on features as compared to its other counterparts. The absence of very small but effective features like waste catcher and adjustable presser foot makes a huge difference. Also, it cannot perform cover stitches, which makes it a machine to give a deep thought before purchasing it. With all the negative points that should be considered, one can heavily depend on Singer’s stitch quality.


Now that we have mentioned a machine for each of the sewing categories, we hope that you have got a fair idea about the Singer Sewing Machines. We tried to mention machines which are best in the class and are useful for the majority of the Singer lovers.

Over the years, Singer has stressed largely upon creating sewing machines which are apt for the home user. Also, they have produced sewing machines that are available at the market at very cheap rates. Being one of the oldest sewing machine brands, and also the inventor of some classic sewing machines, one can rely on the services of Singer. It provides top-notch reliability along with highly efficient sewing machines in almost all the genres.

With this, we conclude our blog dedicated to the reviews of the Singer Sewing Machines. We hope, you got all your answers to the questions you had in mind before going through this space. In case, any one of you feels that the above-mentioned machines should be replaced by some other ones, you can leave us a comment below, and we would be happy to take a dig at it.

Singer is a world-renowned brand, and one can for all the right reasons, opt to buy a sewing machine produced under their wing.