Embroidery is an art which needs a specific type of skill and machinery to execute a project to perfection. Very few take up the task of monogramming as a hobby. Most of the times, embroidery is taken upon to inherit an extra flair to the sewing skills of a seamstress. This helps while one runs small home-based businesses. Also, it comes in handy when one has to make a name for himself in the fashion industry or run his own boutique.

To get the embroidery game on point, one needs to have an appropriate sewing machine at his or her disposal. Therefore, we decided to review some of the best home embroidery machines available on the market today.

Home Embroidery Sewing Machines & its Types

Before we get down to our embroidery machine reviews, we’d give you a fair idea about the different type of home sewing machines. So that you know that which of these types would fit the home environment perfectly.

The single head/ single needle machine is one of the two types included in the genre. It more or less looks like the regular sewing machine which has a single needle and a single spool. Therefore one needs to change the thread if different color threads are required to complete the design. That isn’t a big issue when it comes to embroidering for domestic use.

The other type of the two variants is single head/ multi-needle sewing machine. The only difference if the number of needles it has to offer. Also, it is faster than the most of the single needle machines. One can have several colors aligned to create an intricate design using this type of machine. Because of its time-saving nature and the ability to produce great results, it is best used in the industries or for professional use.

Now that you have a fair idea about the type of machines available in the market, you can figure out that the single head/ single needle machine is the best way to go for domestic use. Therefore, all of the home embroidery sewing machines mentioned below would fall into this category.

Home embroidery Machine

Home Embroidery Sewing Machines Review

Singer Futura XL400 Combo Sewing & Embroidery.

The singer is one of the world leaders in producing sewing machines for domestic use. They have emphasized on making machines that are easy to use and give fast and efficient results. Singer XL400 is one such product from the reputed brand. It offers bigger workspace than most of its counterparts which makes it the best for monogramming and embroidery work. One can easily undertake bigger projects and get them finished without creating a fuss. So depending on the work you undertake, you can decide whether to shelve out $500 on a home embroidery machine.




Specifications: This machine gives you the freedom to create designs on your computer which is then transferable to the sewing machine. So it gives you a whole new creative dimension and allows you to turn your ideas into reality. The multi-hooping embroidery hoop that is sized at 10 by 6 inches is an added advantage. It comprises of 125 embroidery designs, and five font variants for basic monogramming projects. The 110-volt machine also acts as a normal sewing machine by offering you 30 stitch variables and two fully automatic one-step buttonholes. Setting up this machine is an easy cakewalk.

The better side of the machine: As we went through the reviews, people who used the machine were really happy about how fast the machine was ready to use. It is very easy to set it up. Along with the ease of use, the larger workspace serves as a great advantage which allows its users to undertake bigger projects. It is quiet and doesn’t make much noise, unlike its counterparts. This is a great aspect to have a keen eye on before buying an embroidery sewing for home use. The best part about it is the ability to work as a normal sewing machine along with its primary deed of embroidery.

Negative remarks: The absence of the automatic thread cutter is a major low according to some of the users. Although we recommend it for home use, it should be avoided by someone who wants to learn the art of embroidery. It takes a considerable time to master the machine completely. It runs at a single speed which cannot be controlled. Software needs to be updated in order to have an extra edge over the creativity.


Brother PE770 Embroidery Only

If you need a larger workspace along with efficient features and high-end technology, then you can rely on Brother PE770. It is a great device that comprises of several options including border patterns, frames, floral designs, and scrollwork. Creativity gets a whole new dimension with the use of this machine. There is a dedicated USB port given which allows you to import designs. The software inherited in the machine gives the users a wide range of creative options to choose from. Also, it completes your embroidery projects in a faster manner.




Specifications: Brother PE770 offers you a wide working table which measures 5 inches by 7 inches. The backlit display allows you to have a better view of your projects. It offers you a vast range of 136 built-in embroidery stitches and 6 monogramming fonts. Along with the built-in stitches and patterns, it comprises of border patterns, frame shapes, and floral designs. One can even adjust the size of the design you create on the projects. It consists of an automatic needle thread cutter which gives you the much-needed precision in your sewing assignments.

The better side of the machine: The machine is simply best to set up. It is very easy to use and doesn’t require a user manual to get started. This trait has attracted many embroiders over a long time. Automatic threader is one of the best features that make the machine as the first choice for beginners. It saves a lot of time and efforts and doesn’t trouble the new users. The strength of the stitch is great and the quality of it cannot be questioned at all. The built-in features are an added plus to create new intricate designs. Uploading customizable designs created on the computer was never this easy.

Negative Remarks: There are hardly any loopholes left by Brother in the construction of this machine. However, there are few negligible glitches which could’ve been treat with attention to make it class apart. Many complain about the LED screen being black and white, which is not a major concern for most of the seamstresses. The quality of the hoop tends to be on the lower side. Also, a major setback of the machine is its inability to inherit new fonts other than the inbuilt ones.

This machine is highly recommended for the people who run some sort of business from their home. Otherwise, if you are a newbie and want to learn the embroidery skills, then this machine is simply not meant for you.


Janome Memory Craft Embroidery Machine

Janome, just like Brother and Singer, is one the much-loved brands in the sewing world. They have the tendency to deliver efficient sewing machines which are apt for the home user. Although it lies on the costlier side of the price, Janome 350E can be trusted on when it comes to its efficiency and performance in the longer run. It would assure you of a great one-time investment. Not only the machine is a delight to work on, but the results it provides that too within a shortened period makes every single penny worth it. The quality of the machine and the stitch strength cannot be compared. It is safe to say that it works like a dream.



Specifications: Janome 350E is capable of providing you with professional results even after being a machine dedicated to the domestic use. One can inherit multiple designs from the internet with the help of the dedicated USB port. The software that operates the machine gives you precision with every project within a lightning fast time. The presence of automatic needle threader and thread cutter makes it easier for the learners to get their hands on the machine. Embellishing can be done with the press of a key. All you have to do is snap in the hoop, press the button, and watch the embellishments being made on the desired part of the assignment.

The better side of the machine: LCD screen is a big advantage which is missing in most of its counterparts. The inclusion of microprocessor which has a command over the proceedings allows the machine to give efficient results on a consistent basis. The ease of use has always been stressed on by Janome, and this machine is no different. Creativity gets a huge boost with features been made to allow outside designs to be stored in the machine.

Negative Remarks: Everything that is this great always have few things which could be worked upon in the future. The first thing that pierced us right from the start is its price. For $999, it is a good buy, but there are several other companies that offer similar features at the price as low as $500. LCD screen tends to fade in and out during the use of the machine. Internal memory could’ve been improved for one to upload several designs in one go. It’s not fit as upholstery sewing machine.


Brother SE400

If you seek tremendous versatility from a sewing machine, then you can blindly trust on this machine from Brother. SE 400 can undertake all the sewing processes including regular stitching, embroidery, and quilting. Therefore, buying it would give you the work of 3 different machines in the form of just one structure. Also, at $400, it cannot be ignored as it allows you to customize projects at your own will. Creativity would get a new dimension, and at such low cost, it is one of the best machines available in the market today. It would give you all the high-end features that one desires to have a regular embroidery sewing machine.




Specifications: The machine can do everything from embroidery to basic stitching all at once. It has a 4 by 4 inches dedicated space for the seamstresses to get along with their embroidery projects. The touchscreen LCD allows you to easily select the stitch types and related details without banging your head on the features. It comprises of 67 unique built-in stitches and 70 built-in embroidery stitches along with 5 lettering fonts. The machine can be easily connected to the computer that allows you to import numerable designs. The thread can be cut with just a touch which adds to the efficiency of the machine. All these features with an extended warranty of 25 years making it one of the best sewing machines to have at your disposal.

The better side of the machine: This is not only a great machine for the new seamstresses but also an effective product for the professional ones. At such low prices, it is the best one on the list to have a hand on. It is compact in design, very much portable, lightweight, and at the end of all this, gives lightning fast results. Stitches can be modified using the LCD screen which makes it easier to make mistake free yet intricate designs. Even after being a very lightweight machine, it is sturdy to the core and doesn’t vibrate at all.

Negative Remarks: Although it boasts a dedicated space for embroidery, it is a little less than what its counterparts have to offer. It creates a huge mess when you try to connect it with Apple computers. The needles and the extra accessories that come along with the machine are of low quality, which is quite expected after looking at its low price. It is not easy to set up and would take some research before you master the working of a machine.


Singer Studio SG-10 Embroidery Machine

It is a decent heavy duty sewing machine to own. Singer Studio will let you create wonderful projects without creating a fuss. You can bet your life for the consistency this machine provides. It wouldn’t skip a single stitch because of its heavy-duty metal frame. Also, embroidery work can be carried out without much hassle. It sews in a very straight line and one can rely on the making and the results the Singer Studio provides. There are more advanced options available in the market which are used for quilting and other sewing processes.




Specifications: The heavy duty embroidery sewing machine comprises of 55 built-in stitches along with 3 fonts and 2 hoops. It also boasts 2800 ready-to-sew designs and automatic needle threader to ease the efforts of the users. The machine also has a good inbuilt memory which allows you to store innumerable designs. There is a dedicated USB port given so that one can inherit designs from the computer. It even gives you the freedom to edit basic designs using the LCD screens.

The better side of the machine: Its features are the major selling points of the machine. Also, its sturdier nature is much loved by the users. Its ability to provide long lasting results on a consistent basis makes it one of the best in the lot. The best part of the machine is that it doesn’t skip a stitch. Stainless steel bed plate inherited in the machine allows the user to glide the toughest of fabrics with utmost ease. One can rely on Singer for its extended use and stability in the longer run.

Negative Remarks: It is not at all recommended for the new crafters. It takes a steep learning curve to know the demographics of the machine completely. So dare to buy this machine, only if you are acquainted with a home embroidery machine before. Because of its heavy duty frame, it makes a lot more noise than its other counterparts mentioned in the list. Many users complaint about Singer giving a bad customer service once the product is delivered. Even though it is a decent sewing machine, the negative remarks would make any buyer dicey while purchasing it.


Singer 9970 Quantum Stylist Computerized embroidery Machine

We saved the best for the last. It is by far the most efficient and home-friendly embroidery sewing machine we have ever come across while reviewing about this genre. It is versatile to the core and can help you complete all kind of household projects within a jiffy. It offers you a wide range of stitch options to choose from. Also, it is equipped with 5 lettering fonts for you to undertake basic monogramming projects. Feeding the fabric was never this smooth. The inclusion of autopilot feature makes it easy for the user to get going with intricate sewing assignments.




Specifications: It comprises of 600 built-in stitches including 13 fully automatic buttonholes. The machine also has an exclusive buttonhole underplate for smooth functioning while the fabric is fed into the machine. The extended table gives you 33 percent extra workspace for undertaking large embroidery and quilting projects. Once you own this machine, you would have a total of 19 different presser feet for different fabrics.

The better side of the machine: Although it lies on the lighter side of the weight, it has the ability to produce outstanding results. It can pierce through the toughest fabric with utmost ease. Also, it has the strength to sew several layers of fabric in one go. Being a fully digital embroidery machine, you get a wide variety of stitch options at your disposal. The best part about the Singer 9970 is the speed control. You can adjust the speed of the machine according to your requirement. Without a doubt, it is the best embroidery machine for home use.

Negative Remarks: According to some of the reviews from the users, we found that the needle threader is not the easiest to assemble compared to its other counterparts in the market. However, it isn’t a big deal and doesn’t consume much of your time to fix it. This bug can be snubbed aside to see the fruitfulness of the machine. User manual can take some time for you to understand completely.


How much would a home embroidery machine cost?

At an average, these machines are available on the market in the price range of $500. However, the embroidery machine prices may fall up to $350 for an entry level embroidery sewing machine. In case, you desire to own the best machine with all the essential features for some professional use, you will have to shelve out $3000 for that.

The high-end machines are only affordable if at all you are going to start a business or make something which is a lot more profitable. If you want something to hone your skills, you should settle down for an average model which would come at the price range of $500. If you are unsure about how long your hobby would persist, a $300 model would be perfect for you.

So, overall, it all depends on the features you require and the efficiency you seek forward from a machine. Be wise, and chose the best one that suits all your needs effectively.

With this, we conclude our blog which was dedicated for the best embroidery machines for the home user. We hope we had answers to all the questions regarding the home embroidery sewing machine. In case, we missed out on any sewing machine that deserves to be on the list, write to us in the comments section below, and we would definitely do our best to review it for our readers.

Now that you are acquainted with enough knowledge about the same, choose the best sewing machine for yourself and let the artist in you speak for itself.