Not all people use a sewing machine for stitching garments. Some of them use it for stitching stubborn products like shoes and bags. Evidently so, it is not at all easy to stitch a shoe on the regular sewing machine. The needle might break at regular intervals if you try sewing stubborn materials on the basic sewing machines. It is no brainer that one requires a special kind of sewing machine to get done with difficult products like shoes and bags. Therefore, we are going to use this space to talk about some of the best shoe sewing machines available on the market today.

A Take Down on Shoe Sewing Machines Available on the Market

Everything You Need To Know About Shoe Sewing Machines

All industrial grade sewing machines capable of going through multiple layers of stubborn fabrics like leather and jute can be used for stitching shoes. Therefore, one would find similarity between the machines used in the leather blog and the sewing machines mentioned here. However, we have gone that extra yard to figure out which of the leather sewing machines are capable of sewing shoes. Thus, one can rely on the suggestions below and read our reviews for each of the machine you may look forward to buying in future. Hope it helps!

What Qualities Are required to call it a Shoe Sewing Machine?

It does not require a lot of special qualities for a machine to use it for sewing shoes. However, there are some basic qualities a machine should possess in order to sew efficiently on the multiple layers of fabrics. Some of the very important traits are mentioned below:-

  • A machine should have the ability to quilt even on the toughest of the fabrics.
  • It should accommodate a very thick needle in order to deal with stubborn fabrics.
  • It should generate enough power that it sews effectively while undertaking a project.
  • The consistency of the stitches should be maintained regardless of what fabric is thrown at it.
  • Strong and quality even stitches.
  • Professional looking results

Considering the traits above, one should understand that the industrial grade sewing machine or a heavy duty sewing machine would be apt for sewing shoes. Let us take a look at some of the reviews of the best shoe sewing machines known to the sewing world.

Tacsew GC6-6 Industrial Upholstery Sewing Machine

Tacsew GC6-6 Industrial Upholstery Sewing Machine




It is one of the best industrial grade sewing machines on the market today. GC6-6 is one of those sewing machines which is predominantly constructed to give outstanding results at an industrial level on a consistent basis. It is built in a way that it can easily undertake assignments that require sewing multiple layers of stubborn fabrics. Also, its top and bottom feeds are graphed in such a way that the fabric, regardless of its harshness doesn’t slip away from the needle.

The consistency is one of the best traits that a machine has to offer. It gives out excellent results and helps you to cut down on your mistakes to almost zero. Even though it is a robust machine, it is very easy to use and assemble. One can undertake n number of projects taking advantage of the M shape of the machine. All and out, it is one of the decent shoe sewing machines on the market today.

Specifications & Features: Another feature that stands out in the machine is the automatic lubrication. Most of the heavy duty sewing machines require manual lubrication on a regular basis for the machine to function smoothly. However, with this machine, one doesn’t have to worry about the lubrication as once the oil is refilled, the machine lubricates itself till the oil in the container is over.

The machine can sew at the top speed of 1600 stitches per minute. The sewing speed is very important, especially when you have to deal with stubborn fabrics on a consistent basis. This machine is built to last. Therefore, one can consider it as a one-time investment. Its longevity is an added plus. The machine is believed to work relentlessly without tiring out.

Our Expert Opinion: Tacsew delivers a powerful machine in the form of CS6-6. It is built for the heavy duty projects and would exceed your expectations while it takes on the leather and other heavy duty fabrics. It can easily go past multiple layers of toughened fabrics. The automatic lubrication is one of the added pluses of the machine. The major drawback of this machine is its inability to inherit a servo motor. The performance would’ve shot up exceedingly if Tacsew managed to deliver a servo motor in the machine. Another notable glitch we found out in the machine was the absence of weld cord foot.

Sailrite Heavy Duty Ultra feed Sewing Machine

When one is looking out for a shoe sewing machine, he or she expects it to go past rugged fabrics. Therefore, cheap and regular sewing machines won’t meet the expectations of a shoemaker. However, this Sailrite sewing machine would prove useful to all your demands. You might be taken aback by the price of the machine but believe us, it is worth all the money. The expensive sewing machine is worth every penny and gives out productive results every time to throw an intricate project towards it.

Sailrite Heavy Duty Ultra feed Sewing Machine




It is definitely not a machine made for the beginners. However, professional seamstresses would be more than happy to use the productivity of the machine. It might boast a large number of built-in stitches. But not all of these features would come in handy while undertaking a heavy duty sewing project. It is believed that on a day to day basis, a seamstress tends to use only 4-5 types of stitches in a lifetime. Therefore, the number of built-in stitches wouldn’t amuse the professional seamstress.

Specifications & Features: This model is capable of sewing almost 10-12 layers of heavy fabrics with utmost ease. Also, it can pierce through 8 layers of Dacron. It is capable of sewing on heavy-duty fabrics just as it works on regular fabrics. It is inherited with a powerful and sturdy motor which can sew at a consistent speed for longer periods.

The power plus balance wheel gives added power to the machine more than the regular sewing machines. It comes with an advanced clutching system that transfers the power from the motor to the needle so that it passes through several layers of toughened fabrics with utmost ease.

Our Expert Opinions: One might feel a pinch on his pocket while purchasing this machine, but once you get acquainted with its features, you will feel worthy of every single penny you spend on it. The machine is easy to use and easier to understand. The instruction manual that comes along with the machine is easy to understand making it easy for the user to understand the dynamics of the sewing machine. It is capable of undertaking all kind of basic sewing projects along with the intricate ones. All of this, without breaking a sweat.

Consew 206 RB-5 Triple Feed Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

It is a versatile sewing machine for shoe, capable of undertaking all types of sewing assignments with utmost ease. Right from basic alteration projects to something as intricate and robust as making a shoe, the sewing machine proves worthy of every task thrown at it. Most of the sewing machines in its class offer a stitch length of around 5mm to 7mm. However, 206 RB-5 gives you the freedom of widening your stitch up to 10mm. It is the widest ever stitch length we have noticed offered by a sewing machine.

Consew 206 RB-5 Triple Feed Heavy Duty Sewing Machine




Fabrics can be taken out without removing the bobbin out of the needle completely. It is easy to dislodge the fabric without completely removing the bobbin. Once a seamstress selects the right set of needles and threads to go past a fabric, the performance of the machine wouldn’t disappoint you.

Specifications & Features: The extra-long stitch that is inherited in the machine is an added plus for the seamstresses while they undertake bigger and larger sewing assignments. Also, the company offers a high presser foot that measures up to 14mm. The indulgence of tread release finger gives an added edge while undertaking projects involving canvases like leather.

One of the best features of the machine is its sturdiness and steadiness. However, to function at its best, one has to fix the machine on a proper sewing machine table. This would cut down the glitches and give the machine the necessary fodder to perform at to its best levels. One has the constantly keep a check on the oil of the machine for it to function smoothly.

Our Expert Opinion: Regardless of what you feed under the needle, the machine will easily sew past the most stubborn fabrics with utmost ease. Also, fabrics like leather would be dealt with a smoothening effect. One has to, however, take care of the machine just like one does in the industries. It needs to be oiled at regular intervals. It is destined to give out excellent results and a wonderful sewing experience once a seamstress gets acquainted with the dynamics of the machine.

This is one of the best sewing machines that a professional seamstress would love to own. Sewing shoes on this machine wouldn’t be that much of an issue. One has to just pay attention to the needles and the thread, and the machine would do the rest.

Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty Mechanical Sewing Machine

Just as its name suggests, the machine is built to work on the industrial grade. It can undertake all types of heavy duty sewing assignments without throwing any tantrums or creating any hiatus. Whether the fabric is jute or leather, the machine is capable of sewing through all kind of stubborn and rugged fabrics. It is inherited with a powerful motor that provides the necessary power and strength to undertake heavy duty projects that too on a consistent basis.

Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty Mechanical Sewing Machine




There is ample work space given with the help of the design of the machine so there is no issue while sewing humongous projects.

Specifications & Features: The machine is inherited with an automatic needle threader which reduces the strain on your eyes. It not only cuts down on the efforts but lets you utilize your time on creativity. The bobbin system is jam resistant. Also, it is an easy task to take out the bobbin as it is well-laid for the users. You can select from the 18 built-in stitches with a simple dial. Therefore, regardless of your sewing efficiency, you can use the machine to its best extent.

Foot presser can be adjusted with the single turning of a dial. This becomes necessary when you sew on tougher and thicker fabrics like leather, jute, canvas, etc. Its free arm design gives you the freedom to work on n number of projects and get through the intricate sewing projects without stressing out yourself.

Our Expert Opinions: It is a wonderful sewing machine for shoe that can outperform most of the machine in its class when it comes to built-in quality, productivity, and results. It boasts a heavy duty metal frame which is required when one looks for a machine to work on heavy fabrics like leather. Also, it is downright sturdy which gives you another reason to stick to the Janome’s model. It comes from one of the best brands in the sewing world. Therefore, one can rely on its quality of the stitches and the mechanism.

The price isn’t as high as compared to the other models on the list. Also, it is very easy to use making it a sewing machine for seamstresses of all skill levels. Thus, if one wants a durable sewing machine for basic household projects and small time business, Janome HD3000 is the way to go. It is strong, gives outstanding results, and is made to last. It will be apt for undertaking shoe sewing projects too.

Juki DNU- 1541 Industrial Sewing Machine

The very fact that it is an industrial sewing machine gets it prone to heavy duty work. Like all the industrial sewing machines, Juki DNU- 1541 comes with a powerful motor in order to get over the most stubborn fabrics thrown at it. However, one has to deal with the loud noise of the motor which is indeed an issue with most of the industrial grade sewing machines.

Juki DNU- 1541 Industrial Sewing Machine




The price of the machine might make you feel a pinch on your wallet. But the price of the machine is justified considering the number of features and sewing machine table that it comes with.

Specifications & Features: You will be amazed to know the speed of the machine. It can sew at the top speed of nothing less than 2500 stitches per minute. Considering the industry standards, it is pretty fast, to say the least. Aldo, it offers a wider stitch than most of its counterparts. The exact and the biggest width offered on a stitch is 9mm. There is this feature in the machine that automatically shuts down the entire machine once it encounters a small problem in the mechanism of the machine. This helps the machine to sustain lesser damage when it runs into a problem.

The size of the machine is said to be perfect in order to undertake all kind of sewing projects. To be précised, it measures 40 inches* 48 inches* 20 inches enabling to undertake small assignments along with large projects like sewing of the fleece blankets.

Our Expert Opinions: It is a robust machine constructed to sew relentlessly without causing a hiatus. No industrial machine was made to add to the beauty of the sewing table. This machine is no different as it is made of cast iron. It is undoubtedly one of the best machines one can find in the industrial grade category.

The machine might come with some bruises or scratches of paint. But that isn’t to affect the overall performance of the machine. It is built to last and could prove as a game changer in the long walk. Also, it is one of the sturdiest sewing machines you will find on the market. When sewing shoes on the machine are concerned, it shouldn’t cause much of a problem.

Singer CG-590 Industrial Grade Sewing Machine

It is one of those machines which have garnered a lot of flak along with positive remarks in the recent times. Therefore, the machine makes our list owing to its positive comments from the users. However, one cannot ignore the negative comments posted on the online portals by some of the users. The machine is packed with a powerful motor which can give you outstanding results. Also, because of the strong and sturdy motor, the machine is believed to clock a lightning fast speed regardless of the fabric thrown at it.

Singer CG-590 Industrial Grade Sewing Machine




It is believed that the machine tends to give a lot of maintenance issues after a regular use. Therefore, many professional seamstresses turn a blind eye towards the machine. The motor is believed to be 60 percent stronger than the regular sewing machines. The tensions of the machine adjust themselves automatically.

Specifications & Features: The machine can sew at the top speed of 1100 stitches per minute. Not as fast as most of the machines mentioned on the list, however, considering the effective results, it is a speed worth admiring. It is built to last and can bare all the abuses inflicted on it by a professional seamstress. It can undertake all sorts of quilting projects without causing any hiatus.

The machine consists of 18 built-in stitches and a single 4-step buttonhole. Also, it inherits a free arm that allows you to undertake intricate sewing assignments. The best part of the machine has to be its exclusive foot control which allows the users to control the speed. This ensures that there are no jump starts while undertaking a sewing assignment.

Our Expert Opinions: If the machine luckily does not give regular problems, then it is one of the best shoe sewing machines on the market. It boasts a powerful motor that allows the users to go past fabrics like leather with utmost ease. It can sew at greater speeds and can work on all types of fabrics including the heavy ones.

The main reason for one to not to like this machine is its constant need for repairs. Users have come across a plenty of problems concerning the construction of bobbin winder. Also, some professional seamstresses even suggest that the lights on the machine could’ve been better.

One can make out that the machines that work effectively on the leather can be used to create shoes. Thus, most of the machines that are proficient in sewing leather make the list of shoe sewing machines list. It is a known fact that all of the machines mentioned above can work on any fabric thrown at it. Thus, it is always advisable to get a versatile sewing machine. The machine would not only help you with making shoes but would also give you outstanding results when you want to sew garments or undertake other assignments.


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